Unlocking the Power of Participation

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TGS Talks 2024 Episode 01

Unlocking the Power of Participation

Andrew and Peter discuss the upcoming calendar of events and training opportunities through TGS U over the next three months. They outline the different categories covered in TGSU including professional core competencies, business collaboration and communication, economic social and governance topics, and regional development groups.

A wide range of webinars, seminars and interest group sessions are highlighted. These cover topics such as the new quality review forms, mastering code file reviews, effective client listening using AI, and sessions run by the regional development groups. The hosts also mention the new TGS book club where members will read and discuss selected books leading up to an upcoming conference.


New for TGS in 2024

– The TGS ‘ESG Activator’ diagnostic and advisory toolkit which provides firms with a comprehensive assessment of their ESG practices.

– The TGS Book Club where members will read and discuss books together leading up to the May conference in Marrakech. The first book is Prof Dieter Helm’s ‘Legacy. How to build the sustainable economy’.  

– Sessions for the International Business Coordinators from each member firm to share best practices.

– A focus on network members, especially younger members, to become more involved in subject-specific podcasts and training videos to promote their expertise.

– Regional development group sessions led by the regional leaders themselves to provide updates and lessons from each region.

– Using metrics and KPIs to better track member participation, referrals, training outcomes and more through a new dashboard system.


The importance of member participation.

Andrew and Peter explore ways to encourage network members, especially younger members to become more involved in sharing their expertise through subject-specific podcasts and training videos. Recording members explaining their specialisms in short clips could help promote the network’s services and capabilities and the hosts are excited to make this part of the TGS Talks Podcasts for 2024. 

TGS Talks 2024 Episode One, Unlocking the Power of Participation,  unpacks the full calendar of learning and networking opportunities on offer through TGSU. 

The more actively members engage in these events and with each other, the more value they will get from their membership of the global professional services network.

Find out more and register for TGSU events here. 


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