Transfer Pricing and Global Intangibles: Unlocking Value and Managing Compliance

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As an international network auditor, accountant, or tax advisor, staying up to date with the latest developments in transfer pricing is crucial for providing comprehensive and effective services to your clients.

As part of the Quantera Global 10th anniversary series of country webinars, on 13 July, Quantera Global are hosting a webinar in cooperation with TGS member firm WTP Advisors’ Guy Sanschagrin and Michael Bredahl.

This webinar will focus on U.S. transfer pricing developments over the past decade and will provide a view to the U.S. landscape regarding transfer pricing. This will be relating to common controlled transactions, intangible property, the Tax Cut and Jobs Act. You will learn about these recently proposed rules regarding transfers of IP, OECD Pillar II, controversies / controversy avoidance and court cases.


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Listen to Guy Sanschagrin and Michael Bredahl talking to TGS VP Andrew Menzies about the event in TGS Talks podcast



Enhancing Compliance and Managing Intangible Assets
Effectively managing intangible assets for compliance purposes. The webinar will shed light on common compliance issues faced by companies worldwide and provide valuable insights on how to better manage intangible assets.

Unlocking Latent Value in Intangible Assets
In addition to compliance, the webinar will explore the significant value hidden within intangible assets. Andrew Menzies and his team will discuss strategies for extracting and realizing this latent value, ultimately helping businesses grow and generate additional cash flow streams.

Focus on Global Intangibles
The webinar’s primary focus will be on global intangibles, which encompass patents, trade secrets, brands, trademarks, software, and other assets that provide companies with a competitive advantage. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how to leverage these intangible assets across various markets and partnerships.

Collaboration with TGS Firms
Michael Bredahl highlights the power and importance of collaborating with TGS firms and Quantera Global, creating a robust network of expertise for serving clients’ needs in different countries. The webinar will provide valuable insights into the benefits of this collaboration and how it can benefit international auditors and tax advisors.

Updates on Transfer Pricing
The webinar will also cover the latest developments in transfer pricing, offering a comprehensive update on US transfer pricing regulations and practices. Participants will gain valuable knowledge on changes and trends over the past decade, including advanced pricing agreements, regulations, and dispute resolution mechanisms.

Opportunities for Q&A
The webinar will feature an interactive session, allowing participants to ask questions and receive expert insights directly from the speakers. This ensures that attendees can address specific queries and gain a deeper understanding of the topics discussed.

Recording and Time Flexibility
While attending the webinar live is encouraged, a recording will be available for those unable to join due to time differences or scheduling conflicts. This flexibility allows you to access the valuable content and benefit from the knowledge shared at your convenience.


Attending the webinar on transfer pricing and global intangibles is a valuable opportunity for international network auditors, accountants, and tax advisors to enhance their expertise in this critical area.

With a focus on compliance, value creation, and the latest developments in transfer pricing, this webinar promises to provide practical insights and strategies to help you better serve your clients’ needs. Register now to secure your spot and gain valuable knowledge to stay ahead in an ever-evolving global business landscape.


Register for the webinar.


TGS members speaking at the webinar: 
Michael Bredahl, Managing Director
866-298-7829 ext. 717

Guy Sanschagrin, Principal
866-298-7829 ext. 702

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