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TGS Talks: Embracing Change and Innovation – January 23, 2024

In the latest TGS Talks podcast, hosts Peter and Andrew delve into a variety of developments within the TGS international network. The session opens with an overview of TGS’s regional development, highlighting the first webinar sessions for new regional development groups. 

These groups, covering areas such as Nordic, Baltic, Southeast Europe, and West Mediterranean, signify a strategic move towards regionalization, offering members opportunities to engage with local leaders and activities.


ESG Activator Power Hours

A key focus of the discussion is on the TGSU interest groups, particularly the ESG activator power hour sessions. These sessions embody a novel approach to business development, emphasizing systematic and strategic client outreach. Easy to say you do, hard to actually do and wildly worthwhile. 


Made 3 calls. Got 3 meetings. 2 lost opportunities. 1 warm client. Feeling energized.

Kalin MacDonald, Managing Partner, TGS member firm S+C Partners Toronto

TGS Book Club

The podcast also touches on the innovative new TGS Book Club, an initiative that encourages knowledge sharing and discussion among members. The selected book, revolving around building a sustainable economy, aligns with TGS’s commitment to sustainability and offers insights into economic changes and sustainable practices.


Client Listening

Another highlight is the discussion on client listening, a strategy enhanced by AI and fuzzy logic to gain unbiased insights into client needs. This approach demonstrates TGS’s commitment to understanding and serving clients more effectively.


Regional Event Programs

In addition to these initiatives, the podcast covers an array of topics including quality management standards, anti-money laundering policies, and corporate governance. The conversation also preludes to the upcoming regional conferences, promising a blend of business discussions, networking opportunities, and cultural experiences.

As the podcast concludes, the hosts emphasize the participatory nature of the TGS network, encouraging members to actively engage in these initiatives and stay informed through the TGS LinkedIn page and website.

This episode of TGS Talks showcases the network’s dedication to innovation, quality, and member engagement, setting an exciting tone for the future.


Listen to the full TGS Talks podcast episode here:

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