TGS Romania: one professional team addressing over 250 clients on the local market

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Bucharest, 2019

Fidexpert and TPG, two long-established local audit, accounting & tax consultancy professional practices, have just joined forces. The resulting TGS Romania is a member of TGS Global, a dynamic international business network of independent firms, operating in 51 countries.

We are honoured to become a member of this prestigious business network. We are confident that our team will add value, as we are renown for our skilled and experienced professionals, with a wide exposure to assurance, corporate finance, accounting, tax, and audit services. As we continue our expansion on the local market, our goals remain the same: operate with a high level of efficiency, reward innovation and teamwork, while continue increasing our performance and assisting our clients in improving their corporate efficiency and governance“, said Christos Seferis, Managing Partner of TGS Hellas and TGS Romania.


Christos Seferis, Managing Partner of TGS Hellas and TGS Romania

TGS Romania will be managed by 6 top experienced and well-reputed partners, who will continue developing the teams and capabilities, while harvesting opportunities on the market and bringing new business.

TGS Romania has a team of over 60 professionals and aims at becoming the most trusted financial consultancy in Romania, serving the top companies in the country.

Being part of the TGS Global family means also development opportunities for every team member. We shall continue investing both in team development and in increasing our assets capabilities. At the same time, it is up to each of us to be a real contributor to our common goal. Our high professional standards, our proven integrity and commitment to clients, are the key to success

Vassilis Voulgaris, COO and a founding partner TGS Romania

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