Sophie: TGS Referral Business Processes


Sophie Cartalier, Business Referrals & Events Manager

TGS Team pre-conference interviews, May 2023

Each of the TGS operational team gave an interview in advance of the TGS conference in Madrid. These interviews replace the presentations you would normally find in the first morning of the conference. TGS conferences are 100% dedicated to member participation.

Listen to the interviews to find out what your TGS team have been doing for you since Dubai and why their work is useful for your firm.


Please send any questions you have to the team through this secure form.


Listen carefully to the team interviews if you are coming to the conference. There will be a prize quiz after lunch in Madrid on the 5th May.


Sophie Cartalier, Business Referrals & Events Manager

Introducing you to our Business Referrals & Events Manager, Sophie.

Listen to Sophie’s pre-conference podcast to learn more about: 

  1. Regionalisation Figures
  2. Process and Platforms
  3. Referral Definitions

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