TGS AGM 2022 introduces 18 new member shareholders

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TGS members can be shareholders

TGS member shareholders meet for the 2022 AGM/EGM

25 TGS network shareholders become 43

On the 31st March 2022, Marc Desjardins, President and CEO of TGS reunited the TGS team to run a video conference AGM with 35 TGS members attending from around the world.

The TGS team is young, dynamic and more than 60% female. Sylvia Letang – Vice President of Member Engagement. Andrew MENZIES – Vice President International Development & Communication. Marcela Vargas – Sustainable Development Manager. Sophie Cartalier – Business Development and Event Coordinator. Margaux Cottin-Ameztoy – Assistant Digital Project Manager.

The TGS AGM/EGM agenda included votes on resolutions and information about network milestones and achievements.

Participants explored work done on sustainability, development, quality, training, vision, upcoming events and communication.

TGS Team

The TGS operational team working hard for TGS member firms.

The TGS network is owned by its members

TGS is a unique network in that members can own shares. The TGS network is owned by its members. In 2021 there were 25 shareholders in the network. In 2022 there are now 43 shareholders.

TGS is an international network with a full range of expertise developing sustainable and transparent business worldwide.

Why do TGS members hold shares in the network?

TGS is a sustainable network. This means that not only does the network uphold the values of the United Nations Global Compact but they also believe that business is for the long term and for the benefit of everyone.

TGS member firms are not focussed on short term financial gains but are looking to help their clients grow in a sustainable way, respecting the communities and environments.

Shareholding is a sign of this long-term commitment to sustainable business practices.

Who are the new TGS shareholders?

The 19 new TGS shareholders come from all over the world. Professional service firms from Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas provide audit, accounting, advisory, tax and legal services.

Each TGS firm considers being the owner of an international network a valuable asset to their firm.

What are the advantages of being a member / shareholder in TGS?

There are many advantages to being a shareholder in an international organisation. Shareholders can have a great influence in the strategic direction of the network. They often take part on the board of directors, run the committees and are dynamic elements in the the network’s strategic council.

If you own a business, you decide how it runs. TGS is an entrepreneurial approach to international business. TGS member shareholders are dynamic and agile businesspeople who need a network that is as reactive and adaptable as their local business.

Intangibles are important in an a globalised environment. Your brand can often have a value well beyond the numbers in your company turnover.

To be the owner of an internationally recognised, registered and protected brand like the TGS network gives TGS shareholders a prestigious and credible position in their local market.


Who can become a TGS shareholder?

The first step towards becoming a shareholder of a top 25 international network is to explore return on investment you can expect to gain as a member. Follow TGS on LinkedIn.


Do you have the time and resources to benefit from the TGS membership opportunities?

It might take less than you expect.


Will it be useful to be in an organisation of like-minded individuals with the best interests your firm in mind?

Yes, it will.




Take the first step to benefit from an international network shareholding.

Speak with TGS VP, Andrew Menzies.

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