TGS Month 2021 Registrations Open

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Experience TGS: TGS Month 2021 Launch

Experience TGS to gain inspiration, work on shared projects and make the connections that make more international business possible. Learn how to strengthen your ‘power network within the network’.

It’s completely free if you are a TGS member firm. All you have to do is make sure you make time for yourself and for your colleagues to participate. There is something for everyone and if you feel there is nothing for you – then get in touch and we’ll create something with you!

Registrations are now open for all events, so keep a close eye on the TGS Hub to make sure you sign up there. Some of the events are open to all public and some events have a more select and restricted audience and you’ll have to be quick to reserve your place.

TGS Month 2021: Program

    1. Practice Management and Business Development

      1. THE GAP, How to Accelerate Small Business Success with content, training and support to market, sell and deliver business advisory service
      2. THE GAP, Accelerator Group. Framework and techniques to sell and deliver advisory services. 
      3. Building Trust, Managing your key accounts and negotiating with clients. 
      4. LinkedIn Success Strategy, Are you putting off digital clients with a poor personal profile and weak company presence? 
      5. TGS Total Quality Program, Marc Desjardins, TGS CEO and President, Feedback from the first round, testimonials from members, 
    2. Leveraging a global brand: the TGS Experience from a client perspective

      1. What should and could the TGS Experience be in 2022 and beyond? What is the TGS user experience (your clients) and how does it affect your business success and the success of the network? 
      2. TGS Communication Tools: New Brand Manual, New Written Communication Manual, New Website Template, New Communication Strategy.  
      3. International Marketing Masterclass. Specialist Masterclass for ‘TGS Communication People’ over 4 days to create a marketing and communication strategy that is guaranteed to generate more business for your firm. Unmissable!
      4. How to create content in the ‘Voice of TGS’. Harmonised communication from your firm, through our site and all our social media will boost the TGS (and your) image globally and locally. 
      5. TGS Annual Committee Workshops – setting the One Page Plan for 2022
        1. TGS Tax Committee
        2. TGS Legal Committee
        3. TGS Audit Committee
        4. TGS Intech Committee
        5. TGS International Business Coordinator Group
        6. TGS Young Leaders
        7. TGS Communication Group
        8. TGS Shared Services Development Group. Shared Service Salon 2021


– There is no fee for TGS Month.
– The TGS Month calendar will be constantly updated during October. Keep your eye on MyTGSHub for more information.


Read more about what’s been happening in TGS in this week’s TGS Digested Week.

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