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The easy way for your team to profitably enjoy multidisciplinary international networking

The agenda for our May seminar has been designed to follow on from your November conference in Dubai. We listened to your feedback about the event in Dubai, we did the research and we’ve created a program that will maximise your ROI from participating.

Madrid 2023 is the seminar you asked for and we are excited to live it with you.

We really have come up with the winning network success formula.

Can you do the math?




Your TGS spring seminars are always designed with your team in mind. Where the TGS November conferences are reflective, high-level, strategic events for managing partners and shareholders, TGS May events are forward looking, practical and inspirational for your managers and future partners. The investment for participation is also set to be more accessible for a greater number.

The more of your team you bring, the greater the ROI will be in the future as your team take on board and roll out the practice development solutions we share during the conference. It’s the essence of delegation and good practice management: you bring your team, they learn from the conference and then develop your business for you.

Your team will also appreciate the fact that you value them enough to bring them along to the TGS and that you give them the responsibility to put the ideas learned into practice.

Employee retention? Done.



You know what YOU are and you know what ROI is. The element to dig a bit deeper is TGS.

What is TGS?

TGS is a Multidisciplinary International Network. TGS is the Multidisciplinary International Network with sustainability at the core of our objectives, strategy and tactics. It’s in the name, TGS stands for ‘Think Global Sustainability’.

TGS is CSR + PCC + BCC so it’s worth breaking these acronyms down:

  • CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility
  • PCC – Professional Core Competencies
  • BCC – Business Collaboration & Communication


In Dubai you heard Jason talk about your Sales Process and now you know you’re doing it wrong. Your sales process is not about continuation, it’s an advancement process. What’s more, if you have an actual, documented process, you will be much, much, much more effective than your competitors.

You heard Dom in Dubai talking about recruitment strategies at work and you heard how John transformed his practice into the firm of the future. You might have seen on LinkedInt that John’s firm have moved to a 4.5 day week. Also, John has no clients of his own and Malloch McLean’s margins are far higher than yours currently are.

TGS is a forum for learning best practice in all areas of a firm’s development cycle. TGS conferences are a concentration and celebration of all that’s possible at the cutting edge of professional practice. Come along to Think Global Sustainability.

TGS is your colleagues. Networking opportunities over the day and a half conference are enormous. Some events are guided networking and sometime you are free to network on your own.

Do you have a plan to maximise your networking effectiveness?



Sustainability is the core of TGS. The beating heart of our reason for being is sustainability.

All international networks and associations offer more or less the same services. Networking opportunities, best practice sharing, global contacts for your international clients. Only one network has Sustainable Development Goals as the first step of strategy: sustainability first, profit second and that’s TGS.

We’ve been making progress with the TGS Label. TGS’s very own non-financial auditing tool. You will soon be able to use this tool with your clients. It is both a tool for compliance in the ever-increasing climate of ESG compliance requirements and a basic advisory tool that will open many, many doors for your firm.

TGS has been making progress on 8 of the United Nations Global Compact Sustainable Development Goals. We are actively working towards achieving these 8 goals by 2030.

Other unique TGS SDG focused projects you will hear about in Madrid are:

  • 10 for 10 for Tomorrow: SDG – focussed TGS memberships
  • UNESCO Internship Program
  • TGS Label: non-financial audit solution


You can also read our Communication on Progress about our work towards reaching the SDGs on our page of the UNGC.

TGS were early signatories of the UNGC and are an early adopter of the Enhanced Communication on Progress.  Would you like to find out more why we do this and how you can get involved to benefit your firm and your society?

Take part in our next CSR Success Story meeting or connect with our ESG Project Manger, Marcela.



There are many opportunities to raise your professional core competences with TGS. You will learn more about our partnership with the ACCA in Madrid and about all courses available on the TGS learning platform TGS U.

As a professional service firm owner, you know that your staff are the backbone of your business. They handle everything from bookkeeping to tax preparation, audit reports, client retention to financial planning. They play a crucial role in the success of your firm. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your staff are properly trained and equipped to handle the tasks at hand.

Unfortunately, many accounting firm owners overlook the importance of training their staff, and this can have serious consequences. Here are just a few of the dangers of not training your staff:

  • Inaccurate work
  • Increased workload
  • High staff turnover
  • Decreased customer satisfaction
  • Legal issues


So, what can you do to avoid these dangers? The first step is to make sure your staff are properly trained. This can involve providing in-house training in your own firm, sending staff to TGS workshops and TGS conferences, or hiring a coach or mentor to provide one-on-one training. It’s also important to keep training ongoing, as the field of accounting is constantly changing and evolving. That’s why TGS launched TGS U, our online, in-person and distance training platform.

By investing in your staff and providing them with the training they need, you’ll be able to ensure that your firm is running smoothly and efficiently. This will not only benefit your staff, but it will also benefit your clients and ultimately your bottom line. Don’t underestimate the importance of training – it’s a crucial component of a successful accounting firm.

Conference participation is a massive motivational effect for staff training. Don’t underestimate the value of sending your team to TGS conferences. Your investment will be paid back.


Heather Murray

Heather Murray: Director Beesting Digital


Communication for professional service firms is not just important, it’s an opportunity to be ahead of the curve. Your communication, magnified by your TGS membership and the work we do you to protect and promote the TGS brand can raise your firm head and shoulders above your competitors. It does not take much but it will take some attention on your part.

Professional service firms are notoriously ineffective at promoting their services. Mikail, our TGS member in Indonesia said it well recently in a TGS Marketing and Communication development meeting. Where you there?.

“We accountants and auditors are left brain. We need TGS to be our right brain.” And we are, and we are helping you left-brainers how to be more right brain. It’s a no-brainer and the benefits for your business are measurable, demonstrable, attractive and right in front of you.

You only have to come to the conference, listed to the fantastic Heather Murray from Beesting Digital and either:

  1. Do what Heather says works
  2. Motivate your team to do what Heather suggests
  3. Pay someone to do what Heather says you should do


Reach out and connect with Heather on LinkedIn in advance of the Madrid event, she’ll be delighted to be in touch with you.

We have a solution for each option and we are looking forward to sharing the solutions for effective (more clients, higher margins) marketing for audit, accounting, advisory, tax and legal firms. TGS members.

Would like a member of your team to join the TGS Communication and Marketing Interest Group to keep up to date with best practice and most effective communication in the network?

Yes? Get in touch with Andrew.

Register for TGS Madrid event at a reduced Early Bird rate

Save the dates and sharpen your VISA card. Early bird for TGS May events opens soon.

Remember, the more team members you can bring, the more value you will get from the event.



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