TGS Madrid 2023 full conference program


TGS Madrid Conference 2023: Full Program

Register conference participants at the Early Bird Rate to benefit from a 20% discount between the 2nd and 9th of February.


Thursday  4th May

Work on the TGS Advisory Services
Tools, Processes and working group to create a unique advisory service tool.

A select and representative group of member volunteers are co-developing a non-financial auditing and advisory framework that will put TGS ahead of competitors and open many doors to new business for your firm.


Delegate Welcome at the hotel

Meeting in the hotel lobby for distribution of name badges, detailed agendas, your first photo opportunity and a warm welcome from Sophie and Marcela.


Culture Visit & Networking Event

One of the key advantages of being in an international network is meeting colleagues from all over the world to develop business opportunities and learn global best practice in your profession. An visit to a famous Madrid cultural landmark will give inspiration for the conference and give you a head start on your networking.


Welcome Cocktail & Dinner

Continue your networking, meet the TGS president, the TGS executive team, TGS Co-Founders and members of the host firm, TGS Edisa.



Friday 5th May

Business Development, Leadership and Leveraging your TGS membership:

A leader of business and people, Jason has many years experience in helping organisations increase their value and individuals improve their performance and personal impact. This is what you will be actively learning during the conference and them in a series of TGS masterclasses.

Growth strategy, Business Growth, Profit Improvement, Leadership, Strategy, Change, Team Performance and Continuous Improvement of your firm and your clients’ firms.


Create a successful TGS Content Strategy with Heather Murray, CEO of Beesting Digital

A content strategy is the planning, creation, publication and distribution of content marketing materials, leaning into the kind of content that your audience actually wants to see. 78% of those who believe their content marketing was very successful in 2021 had a documented content strategy. Do you?

In this session, you will learn how to:

– Highlight your current strengths and weaknesses in content and SEO
– Analyse your competitors’ efforts in depth
– Identify clear opportunities for easy, quick wins and long-term growth
– Create a roadmap for the 6-12 months ahead
– Establish clear metrics to measure your success

A content strategy gives you the tools to transform the mundane day-to-day into stories that inspire. Your content strategy will also measure and monitor the intangible inspirational impact of your stories and the transformation of your audience into new clients (and new staff).

This is the way to fast-tracking your growth and make sure you are continually improving to stay ahead of your competitors.


Regional Development: Africa

As TGS grows and gains in global influence our strategy is to move towards greater regionalisation and greater regional presence and influence. There are many regionalisation success stories across the network and Africa will be next.

The world’s oldest continent has the world’s youngest population, and before COVID-19, it was home to six of the world’s ten fastest-growing economies. You don’t have to ask the Chinese where they think the future is. You’ll meet them in pretty much any African market or stock market they can enter.

Who will be able to help your clients in Africa?


CSR, ESG, Advisory business development: TGS Label

TGS member volunteers, W-Agency, TGS and TSI are co-developing a non-financial auditing and advisory framework that will put TGS ahead of competitors and open many doors to new business for your firm.

Your TGS Label capacity will transform your commitment to sustainable development from a nice idea to a lever of performance for your organisation and for your clients. You will begin learning how the tool and framework works, what the benefits of the Label are and, most importantly perhaps, you will learn how to begin to Market, Sell and Deliver the TGS Label.


Institutional Recognition

As a TGS member firm, you have the capacity to ‘punch above your weight’.

TGS can be at the table in influential groups such as EISMEA (the European Innovation Council) whose mission is to provide high quality support to European innovators, researchers, businesses and consumers to reinforce the European position as a global leader and move towards a more competitive, digital, green and inclusive EU.

This is one regional example in a global field of 1000s of potential levers of influence for TGS member firms.


Speed Meeting Tapas Time

Meeting your colleagues from all over the world in an organised (and super fun) event to develop business opportunities and learn global best practice in your profession. You have been working with your colleagues for the last 32 hours and this event will cement the friendships and business connections last a lifetime.



Early Bird available until 9th February

20% saving on conference participation

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