TGS Global Conference 2018: Dubai

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Join us for the 2018 TGS Global conference in Dubai:

Wednesday 14th to Saturday 17th November 2018


TGS Global will be spending 2 full days in Dubai, the ‘City of The Future’ to talk about Big Data, Blockchain, Jugaad and AI.

  • What are the impacts going to be on international business?
  • How can we develop the business of our firms in a such environment?
  • How can we achieve our TGS Global Compact challenges in an uncertain future?


Oil won't last forever, so Dubai is betting big on science, tech and the future.

Read the article here.

Don’t miss this opportunity to:

> Connect with over 60 TGS members from all over the world

> Learn from experienced keynote speakers and enhance your international business development skills

> Play an active role during workshops to share best practices and experiences



Register for the TGS Global conference in Dubai

Wednesday 14th to Saturday 17th November 2018

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