TGS EMEA Conference 2019

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TGS members meet at the Wyndham Grand Athens Hotel from the 15th to the 17th of May 2019

TGS held the EMEA regional conference in Athens, reuniting over 55 members from more the 20 countries


The main topic of the conference addressed: How can the network move forward together, and propose shared services that bring added value for all?

Heather Townsend, founder of The Accountants Millionaires’ Club

Co-designing the TGS roadmap

TGS is driven by innovation and is constantly developing projects. Many of these projects are scalable and can become shared services that benefit all members in the network. 

Heather Townsend, best-selling author and founder of The Accountants Millionaires’ Club ran a workshop that focused on better understanding the implications of offering an international shared service. With her help and the enthusiasm of all members, TGS created a roadmap for how TGS will deliver shared advisory services throughout the network.

Pamela Caravas, Intellectual Performance Enhancer Agent and Coach, Coaching Evolution.

More than economic value, Living the TGS Experience.

Our expertise, capacity for innovation and customer-centric approach is a contributing factor to our success. Developing shared services is one step towards creating added value. TGS’s difference is the values that reunite the members. 

Pamela Caravas, Intellectual Performance Enhancer, Profiler and Coach from Coaching Evolution is helping TGS design the TGS Experience and personal brand training in line with our core expertise, values and the TGS DNA with a long-term horizon in mind. She introduced us to the “5Cs” method to better assess our goals and reach successful outcomes.

TGS is Creative, Critical, Communicative, Collaborative, and Conscious. 

A multitude of advancements

During the conference, TGS Global also presented the advancements of 2019.

– Qualification process and recommendation fees
– New induction process
– Improved quality process
– New Legal Committee
– The new Paris Headquarters
– New US member firm
– ‘Slow Marketing’ strategy
– Work with the United Nations Global Compact

Stefano Faraoni, founding partner and director of Athena Law

Sharing best practices between members

The conference was a great opportunity for members to present their projects and the progress they have made. Members worked together, shared best practices, and discussed possible ways to move forward as a network.

Stefano Faraoni, founding partner and director of Athena Law, presented tools used in his firm to increases efficiency: mindmapping, speed-reading and communication. In a business activity where the efficiency of your professional staff as well as the quality of the work they present is of great importance, these tools are of value to our members. We all want to do more, better and faster.

Stefano also collaborated with the TGS Global team on how we can develop our relationships with a wider network of international institutions. Our stakeholders are valuable to our network. The relationships we have with these international institutions are very important for a successful business network. We thank Stefano for sharing his expertise on this matter.

Marcela Vargas
TGS Global Communication Manager

Increasing TGS global visibility

We are also proud to share with you that Marcela Vargas, our communication manager, gave an interesting update on the most recent improvements to our communication channels. She talked to our members about:

  • The latest news on the website
  • Best practices on printing marketing materials
  • How to excel on LinkedIn using the TGS Branding
  • The revived activity of MyTGSHub and future plans for this internal platform


Sophie Cartalier
TGS Global Sales Process Manager


Accelerating internal processes

Sophie Cartalier,TGS Global Sales Process Manager  presented us the new TGS Sales Process. She has developed this tool for all business referrals. It is a streamlined platform, allowing for more efficient and traceable internal processes.

The TGS Sales Process is to be used by all our members for future referrals. At TGS we are always striving to improve the TGS Experience, as well as our quality and efficiency.



The conference in Athens was a showcase for the collaborative and entrepreneurial spirit that makes TGS what it is. This was a key opportunity of the year to transfer knowledge and best practices around our common goal. From year to year, we create continuity, ensure transparency and allow each member to have a voice


TGS Global thanks everyone for their commitment and enthusiasm in Athens.


Save the dates for the TGS annual international conference in Singapore: 14th to the 16th November 2019.


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