TGS EMEA Conference 2018

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TGS EMEA Conference 2018, Brussels.

More than 60 delegates from TGS firms gathered in the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Brussels to attend the annual TGS Europe, Middle East and Africa conference from the 17th – 18th May.

SME Development

SME development is the heart of TGS activity and we have been strengthening our links with European policy-makers. Our workshop, “Completing a virtuous circle from policy creation to reality” was a great success and stimulated much conversation and projects.

TGS members were happy to meet and work with André MEYER and Daniel GASSMANN from the European Commission. Many thanks also to Bernd REICHERT, head of “SMEs in Horizon 2020” from the European Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises (EASME) for his valuable input.

The afternoon workshop was followed and a visit to the European Parliament and an opportunity for TGS members to ask questions directly to European Parliamentarians.


Communication, Innovation and Sustainability

From Agile Concepts to Concrete Actions

Alberto (Portugal) and Zoltan (Austria) had the opportunity to share innovative strategies at the heart of their business development. Working groups were set up to push these ideas forward and we look forward to hearing more about iDealbiz and CFO on Demand in the near future.


Fella IMALHAYENE, CEO of Global Compact France


We don’t say it in enough but ‘TGS’ stands for Think Global Sustainability and we are now signatories of the United Nations Global Compact. TGS were honoured that Fella IMALHAYENE, CEO of Global Compact France agreed to give a presentation and run a workshop about the United Nations Global Compact.

The whole event was, of course, an extended opportunity to meet other members, to share experiences, to define best practices and to create business opportunities.

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