TGS Ecuador participates in Expominas 2019

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A national event for economic development

TGS Ecuador participated in largest national event in Ecuador dedicated to socio-economic development: Expominas Ecuador 2019.

Expominas is the main event for the mining sector in Ecuador, a contributing industry to the nation’s wealth. This 7th edition was focused on engaging and consolidating national relationships to ensure private and public support national productivity and efficiency.

National and international visibility

TGS Ecuador seized the occasion to promote their main services to major stakeholders of the Ecuadorian mining sector. The networking and business opportunities were unprecedented for this firm. Expominas reinforced TGS Ecuador’s visibility on their territory and their commitment to national development while continuing to put forth their international presence.

As a member firm of the TGS network, TGS Ecuador has an undeniable competitive advantage for companies in Ecuador with access (and understanding) of global markets, assess to resources, to larger client-base and collaborative entrepreneurial SMEs.

Promoting their position within the digital transformation

TGS Ecuador participated in this event with Loversoft. Loversoft is a key partnership for ensuring TGS Ecuador’s technological stance and innovational capacity nationally and internationally, notably via efficient integration of these practices with existent clients. TGS Ecuador emphasized their positioning as an agile and dynamic firm, and their desire to better answer their clients needs and interests. This alliance will place TGS Ecuador at the forefront of the digital transformation and fintech services.

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