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TGS Talks Bangkok preparation special

Andrew Menzies speaks with Marc Desjardins about the TGS conference program in Bangkok

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TGS inter-seasonal conference: Bangkok 2023

The best two days of the year for your team to profitably enjoy multidisciplinary international networking in Asia-Pacific

The agenda for our June conference has been designed to follow on from your November conference in Dubai. We listened to your feedback about the event in Dubai, we did the research and we’ve created a program that will maximize your ROI from participating in this event.



TGS Asia-Pacific Conference 2023: Full Program

Monday 12th June

Business Development, Leadership and Leveraging your TGS membership

TGS have been working with Jason Langford Brown, a leader of business and people to improve TGS member practice management. Jason has many years experience in helping organizations increase their value and individuals improve their performance and personal impact. 

Growth strategy, Business Growth, Profit Improvement, Leadership, Strategy, Change, Team Performance and Continuous Improvement of your firm and your clients’ firms.

This is what you will be actively learning during the conference and then in a series of TGS masterclasses from September to November. 


Create a successful TGS Content Strategy 

A content strategy is the planning, creation, publication and distribution of content marketing materials, leaning into the kind of content that your audience actually wants to see. TGS is going to take a leap up in quality and marketing reach in 2023/24 and Asia-Pacific is going to be at the forefront. 

– Highlight your current TGS strengths and weaknesses in content and SEO

– Identify a long-term growth roadmap with your TGS membership

– Establish clear metrics to measure your success

A content strategy gives you the tools to transform the day-to-day into stories that inspire potential clients to work with your firm. 

This is the way to fast-tracking your TGS growth and make sure you are continually improving to stay ahead of your competitors.


Networking Dinner 01

Meeting your colleagues from all over Asia Pacific to develop business opportunities and learn regional best practice in your profession. 

You have been working with your colleagues for the last 8 hours and this event will cement the friendships and business connections that last a lifetime.


Tuesday 13th June 

Regional Development: Asia Pacific

As TGS grows and gains in global influence our strategy is to move towards greater regionalisation and greater regional presence and influence. 

There are many challenges for business in Asia-Pacific and in this TGS interseasonal conference, we will be discussing how TGS network membership will be able to help your firm be one of the strongest in your region. 

The IMF say that “Strong multilateralism …including through international organizations …will be needed to mitigate geo-economic fragmentation and deliver much needed progress on climate change commitments.”

Who will be best able to help clients in Asia-Pacific going forward?

TGS member firms. 


CSR, ESG, Advisory business development: TGS Lab Process

TGS member volunteers, W-Agency, TGS and TSI are co-developing a non-financial auditing and advisory framework that will put TGS ahead of competitors and open many doors to new business for your firm.

Your TGS Lab Process capacity will transform your commitment to sustainable development from a nice idea to a lever of performance for your organisation and for your clients. 

You will begin learning how the tool and framework works, what the benefits of the Lab Process are and, most importantly perhaps, you will learn how to begin to Market, Sell and Deliver the TGS Lab Process.


Institutional Recognition

TGS can be at the table in influential groups such as EISMEA (the European Innovation Council) in Europe, whose mission is to provide high quality support to European innovators, researchers, businesses and consumers to reinforce the European position as a global leader and move towards a more competitive, digital, green and inclusive EU.

What are the equivalent opportunities in Asia-Pacific? We will be setting out a roadmap for regional influence. 


Networking Dinner 02

You have been working with your colleagues for the last 32 hours. This dinner will generate business referrals, incubate collaborative activity and produce shared marketing content.


Come and join us to take your firm to the next level in Asia Pacific and beyond.


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