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“#HackAudit” Hackathon Paris 12th July

A Hackathon is an event that usually gathers computer programmers to share their ideas and discoveries.  The CNCC’s #HackAudit brought auditors together to be creative. 

The goal is to share as much experience as possible in order to breed an innovative spirit through an actual emulation in a world that is going through massive digitalisation. With this aim in mind, the #HackAudit organised by the National Company of Auditors (CNCC) in Paris pitched startups and students against each other to present their software. The idea was to think about a concept that could accelerate the audit process and help auditors facilitate contact with their clients.

We assume that roughly 50% of the audit process could be automated.

Romain Bade - Commissaire aux Comptes, TGS France: Founder, Intelligent Audit.

Intelligent Audit win!

Among five finalists, Intelligent Audit was head and shoulders above the competition with  “Pi 2020”. This software was designed to give as much information as possible to auditors. For instance it can warn an auditor if a client can’t pay their bills so that something can be done quickly. So now the auditor is proactively looking forward rather than looking backwards and reacting. 

This is only one of the many possibilities of this innovative software. You could receive alerts for any important issues in the auditor / client relationship.

Obviously, this system has to be balanced as it’s not meant to replace the auditor – nor to give a constant digital harassment of alerts – but to help auditors be as responsive, analytic and efficient as possible for their clients.


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