TGS Asia Pacific Conference 2019

Asia- Pacific Events

Members meet in the Park Lane Pullman Hotel on the 20th and the 21st of May

From the Athens conference, TGS Global travelled to Hong Kong to meet with the members of Asia Pacific. There were over 10 members from 8 different countries. 

Moving forward together

As our network is working on developing a shared service, consistent with our core competences and international market needs, we focused on how TGS can move forward together.

With the long-term horizon in mind, the conference in Hong Kong allowed us to discuss and design the TGS roadmap while incorporating the interests and needs of our members from Asia-Pacific. We were creative and critical, communicative and conscious of the implications and opinions of others while we collaborated for a successful shared advisory service.


A shared vision for the future

The conference in Hong Kong brought us together and showed us once more that our added value lies not only in our expertise, but that our values and shared vision is a crucial differentiator. It is this unique experience that ensures that TGS is transparent and founded on social responsibility.

As with the many conferences we have held in the past, this conference showed TGS Global and the attendees that the progress we are making as a whole is unprecedented. By ensuring continuity and transparency, mutual trust and respect, allows for knowledge transfer, best practice sharing, and the creation of new business opportunities.

TGS Global cannot express enough gratitude towards our members from Asia-Pacific, for the entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit in making the network they want to be part of.


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