TGS Annual Conference 2023: Key Takeaways

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Key takeaways from the 2023 TGS annual conference in Miami

Welcome to Miami. You’ll find us in the ballroom at the aging Art Deco Waterford Drive Pullman. Between us, the people in the room have a combined charging rate of more than $100,000 an hour. That’s quite a lot of expertise.

And many different viewpoints.

Ask the same question to 70 different professionals and you will get 70 different answers. Ask the same question to a group of 70 accountants, auditors, business advisors, tax consultants and lawyers and you might get 700 different answers – each one with a quote attached.

At least, there should be quotes attached if the professional has learned anything in their journey with TGS – a journey from compliance to advisory services – because rule number one of the advisory mindset: don’t give all the answers for free.

Show the value and send the quote.


Premium Insight from a concentration of face-to-face connection

TGS is a youthful network(average age 42). We host four conferences a year: regional events in May for EMEA, Asia-Pacific and The Americas; and one global conference every November for all regions.

In Miami, TGS members gained premium insight into how their most successful international colleagues are leading through the transversal issues of the day: AI, recruitment, remote working, succession, advisory and ESG.

Over three joyful days, as well as discussing best industry practice, we met old friends and new ones too. Our most recent joiner said afterwards:

I’ve been to a lot of events with networks like this. And this is the first where there were no a**holes. None! Every TGS member present was delightful. You’re certainly taking time to hand pick the global best. It was difficult to join the TGS network but I’m glad we persisted, and that you helped us get over the line. I think the T in TGS must stand for ‘tenacious’. I’m delighted our firm is part of the adventure

Building Relationships that work

If the International Accounting Bulletin had an international ranking for conference networking dinners and social events, I’m confident that TGS would be number one.

Each year members are stimulated and challenged to work and play together. This year that included visits to the Miami Heat basketball stadium, a private tour of the Van Gogh Immersive exhibition, and a cycle tour of Miami Beach.

People who know you, like you and trust you really are the ones who do business with you. (Cliche? Maybe, but it’s true.) In three intensive days of breakfasting, lunching, dining, working and playing with the same group of professionals, our members created sustainable business relationships (and friendships) that will last long after their connection with the network.

Each day had a different focus – diagnostic, strategy and action. But each day started in the same way – with yoga.

Energizing (but low effort) chair-based yoga made sure that TGS conference participant minds were in the right place. It’s much easier to ‘Think Global Sustainability’ when your inner focus is laser sharp and you are in ‘benefit from conference mindset’ rather than passively coasting through an event.


TGS members on a bike tour of Miami Beach

Knowledge exchange on key industry trends: AI, ESG and Leadership

Conference participants were given an introduction to the actual and potential uses of AI in marketing, for business-process efficiencies and for business development.

We dug deep into the potential of the new TGS service, ESG Activator to both generate high-margin advisory revenue for member firms and also to help make sure each member is up-to-date with global ESG reporting requirements our clients face.

Network members left with practical tools and strategies to apply the knowledge they picked up during the conference. But after 11 years of running conferences, we know that knowledge and insight gained during a conference can often be quickly forgotten. That’s why we run follow-on sessions, online, to keep topics front of mind for participants.

For instance, our conference session on ‘How to market, sell and deliver ESG Advisory service with the TGS ESG Activator’ is to be followed up with five online ‘Power Hours’.

If you would like to take part, or find out more about our ESG Activator Power Hours, reach out to us on through the TGS Global website: www.tgs-global.com


Dr. Sabine Charles enjoying the Van Gogh exhibition after a hard day’s work with TGS members

Regional Impact and Sustainable Solutions

Dr.Sabine Charles explored technology and leadership. Jason Langford Brown shared advisory tools for effective problem solving. Any problem. Solved. Beesting Digital shared everything we need to know about AI for speaking to potential clients and how to win new clients on LinkedIn.

Network updates from the TGS team provided the vision and direction members need to remain informed about TGS activities that support their growth.

As the TGS network enters a new phase of development and moves from startup to scaleup, regional leaders have been appointed from among the shareholding group. TGS Regional Leaders will be driving network growth, densification and impact across EMEA, Asia-Pacific and The Americas.


TGS members discussing strategy for network development

TGS is managed by and for its members

TGS is managed by and for its members. All of us have a significant part to play, whether as a regional leader, a shareholder, part of the strategic council, on the board, part of a regional development group or service line developer

If you were at the conference, we’d love to hear what your takeaways were.

If you are struggling to remember what your takeaways were, follow the TGS website and the TGS Linkedin page. We will remind you of the value contained in the conference with everyday takeaways.

If you weren’t at the conference, but you’d like to be at our next one, reach out and tell us what you would like to take away from a conference – www.tgs-global.com.


If you were at the conference, we’d love to hear what your takeaways were

If you weren’t with us in Miami, but you’d like to be at our next one, reach out and tell us what you would like to takeaway from a conference

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