Save 300€ with Early Bird Registrations for TGS conference in Marrakech


Early bird registrations are now open for our TGS EMEA regional conference in Marrakech.

This is your chance to secure your spot at a reduced rate and be part of an enriching experience that brings together industry leaders, innovative thinkers, and passionate individuals from across the region.

Space is limited for this conference for our TGS EMEA 2024 conference so get ready to register quickly to guarantee your place and lock in your discounted rate. 

Register a Managing Partner, your International Business Coordinator and/or a junior partner by the early bird deadline and save over €300 for each participant.

Why Marrakech?

Marrakech, the heart of culture and history, offers an inspiring setting for our conference. With its stunning landscapes, rich heritage, and dynamic atmosphere, Marrakech will not only be our meeting point but also a source of inspiration for all attendees.

What to Expect?

Marrakech is beautiful. The conference program is also beautiful and will focus on: the increasing regionalization of the network, generating more referral business within the EMEA region, insightful keynote speakers, interest group meetings and the best social events you will ever experience to facilitate relationship building.

Insightful Keynotes: Hear from thought leaders, experts and TGS Regional Leaders who are shaping the future of our industry in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Interactive Workshops: hands-on sessions that will enhance your skills, deepen your knowledge, broaden your service offerings and reinforce your TGS friendships.

Networking Opportunities and Culture: Connect with peers, mentors, and potential collaborators in a variety of stimulating settings. Have you ever had exclusive access to the Yves Saint Laurent garden in Marrakech? No? You have now. 


“For many years, the Jardin Majorelle has provided me with an endless source of inspiration, and I have often dreamt of its unique colours.”

Yves Saint Laurent

Early Bird Benefits

Reduced conference participation rates (save over 300 euros per participant) and guaranteed places (the conference location is beautiful, exotic and premium – but there is not enough space for everyone to come).

By registering as an early bird you will also benefit from exclusive conference preparation workshops and information to guarantee you go into the conference ready to come out with an increased ROI.

Hurry! There are limited seats for these benefits. 

Conference Agenda

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Welcome Lunch 

  • Your TGS EMEA Marrakech conference experience begins with a casual welcome lunch. Fuel up and network with 50 of your TGS EMEA colleagues before the conference officially kicks off.

Interest Groups – Technical Expertise

  • Join the TGS Audit, TGS Tax & Legal or TGS Future of Accounting interest groups to dive deep into best regional practice. Focused discussions, share knowledge, and gain insights from peers facing similar challenges and opportunities.

Coffee Break

  • Stretch your legs, refresh your mind, and engage in spontaneous conversations with fellow participants.

Visit of Jardin Majorelle, YSL & Pierre Bergé Museums

  • Jardin Majorelle visit, followed by an inspiring tour of the Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé Museums. This year you will be free to explore (really free as Andrew has promised not to give you an activity to carry out during the visit). Immerse yourself in Moroccan culture and history, drawing inspiration from the fusion of fashion, art, and garden design, fostering creativity and a fresh perspective. Wear your best clothes. If you have anything YSL, wear that.


  • Outdoor dinner, in a picturesque location that captures the essence of Moroccan hospitality and cuisine. As always with TGS, your dining experience will be memorable and your networking will be in a relaxed and culturally rich setting.

Friday, May 17, 2024 – Conference Day

Welcome by TGS Morocco Member, CKE

  • Get an overview of the day’s agenda, and a personal overview of local business culture and opportunities.

TGS Quality Program: TGS AML + Client Acceptance updates

  • A new TGS Anti-Money Laundering policy, practices and template,  and a TGS Client Acceptance framework, policy and template now feature as part of your TGS Quality Program. TGS ensures your practices are up-to-date and effective in mitigating risks.

Regulation Impacts

  • Explore the implications of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards and European regulations on your operations and reporting. The TGS network helps you stay informed about regulatory changes and sustainability reporting requirements, positioning your business for resilience and compliance.

Carbon Footprints

  • Measuring and reducing the carbon footprint within the professional services sector, sharing strategies and innovations. Gain actionable insights into how to provide this service to your clients.


A valuable pause to network, reflect on the morning sessions, and recharge for the afternoon’s discussions.

Regional Group Round Tables

  • Inspirational presentations of TGS regional development initiatives: not a one-size-fits-all approach for every region. 
  • Participate in round-table discussions focused on regional challenges and opportunities in and between Africa, Nordic/Baltic, North Europe, South East Europe, West Mediterranean, and the Middle East. Sharing experiences, challenges, and best practices with network members.

Coffee Break

  • Another well-deserved coffee break to refresh and network 

Doing more TGS Business in and with Africa: 

Working in Africa presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for CPA firms and international businesses, shaped by the continent’s diverse economic landscapes, regulatory environments, and market dynamics. 

  • How can our professional service firms minimize problems facing business in the African continent?
    • Regulatory Complexity,
    • Political and Economic Instability,
    • Infrastructure Gaps,
    • Access to Finance,
    • Corruption,
    • Transparency and the (also a problem for many countries) Skilled Workforce Shortage. 


  • …and how do we build on the opportunities available?
    • Africa is experiencing Rapid Economic Growth,
    • Africa has Emerging Markets and Consumer Base,
    • explosive Digital Transformation,
    • massive Resource Richness,
    • increasing Regional Integration (like the African Continental Free Trade Area) and
    • Sustainable Development. 


TGS have started to paint Africa orange and we are looking forward to getting you all involved with the task. 

How to register

Your TGS EMEA 2024 conference is in Marrakech, from May 16-17.

Don’t miss out on early bird pricing because if you register by February 4th to save over €300 per participant

TGS EMEA 2024 conference

Marrakech, May 16-17

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