How do we identify progressive member firms for the TGS network?


Where do we find new member firms for TGS and why is conference participation such a good investment? 

As I write this article, nine new prospects have dropped into our pipeline. I dropped one of them in myself. One of our member firms asked for support in Finland. We currently have no coverage there, I started looking and found a good prospect after an hour.

So, where did the other 8 prospects come from?

Three prospects in the TGS pipeline came from recommendations

I always ask in the TGS Regional Development Meetings, ‘can you recommend a firm?’ … lo and behold, some recommendations drop into my email inbox (and that’s one day after, the long tail for that will go on longer). So that’s three prospects found in about five minutes.

By the way, you should also be asking all your clients to recommend you a new client during your annual review session…and when they recommend you a new client you should be saying, “what only one!”.

The other five prospects in the TGS network development pipeline came in on their own

Four prospects identified TGS as the network they would like to be a part of after they had seen our content on LinkedIn. So that’s four prospects in about zero minutes.

We’ve been working with Beesting Digital and Jason Langford-Brown to understand how we can optimise our content strategy (and yours) so that we can effortlessly collect new (and pre-qualified) prospects. How can we show the value we offer to potential clients and how can we speak to offer solutions that understand the pain points our clients are experiencing?

As professional service firms, we are far behind the curve in how we promote our services but it will not take long to catch up. There is a massive potential for those of us that do modernise our content strategy first.

Eventually, everyone will catch up, but until they do, TGS and TGS member firms will be out in front showing the way.

TGS members from Kazakhstan, Spain and the Philippines having fun (and creating new business opportunities) during the TGS global conference in November 2022

Come and meet our new members in our Regional events this May

Progressive firms know that the more you participate in the life of the network, the more benefit they will gain from it. How many of your team can you send to play with us in our regional event’s this may?

Physical meetings help our members participate in the development of their network. This way, the TGS member firms create the network that they want to be part of.

Our members are building the modern foundations of a dynamic, future-oriented network.


What’s in our May event this year?

The 3 focus points for this year’s mid-term meetings have been designed to maximise the benefit of your participation.

We will be working on:

  • Development Strategy, Tactics and Mindsets with Jason from Lucid
  • Content Strategy and immediately actionable tools with Heather from Beesting
  • Sustainability Reporting Leadership with W-Agency who are co-developing your TGS Label


How many members of my team can I bring to the event in May?

  • You know it’s going to be fun.
  • You know it’s going to be useful.
  • You know your TGS conference participation is going to bring positive tangible and intangible benefits to your firm long after the conference is over.


The long tail of conference participation is well worth the investment. It’s a false economy to come to the conference on your own because you are too busy!

Bring at least two of your young, dynamic, future-hungry colleagues and you will be repaid many times over your initial investment. Register three members of your team to come to our events in May 2023.

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