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Happy birthday Howlader Maria & Co

Howlader Maria & Co. Chartered Accountants are celebrating their first full year in business and their first year with TGS Global. HmAC is a professional services firm in Bangladesh, providing Accounting, Audit & Assurance, Tax & VAT, Business Consulting and Training services.

HmAC joined TGS Global as a startup which is unusual because our new members have usually been in business for many years before joining us.

Maria gave such a strong presentation of her business case that we were convinced HmAC was a good fit for TGS. She explained clearly how she would benefit from the network and how the network would benefit by having her firm as a member.

TGS Global is a disruptive, innovative, startup network and Maria’s firm, HmAC is a driving force behind our project to be recognised as entrepreneurial leaders in Sustainable Development.


Think Global Sustainability

Maria’s tenacity and her willingness to develop her company proves that if you think globally and sustainably and are willing to take risks with care – you can achieve great things.

HmAC and TGS Global are currently working on a sustainable business process outsourcing service. The project is part of the TGS commitment to the United Nations Global Compact.

TGS Sustainable BPO will help Bangladesh provide decent work and economic growth, reduce inequalities and give wider access to quality education.

I would not be able to provide these services on my own. Thanks to TGS Global and the UNGC I have more to offer than my local competitors.

Maria Howlader - CEO HmAC Bangladesh

Find out how you could benefit from TGS Membership or get involved with our Sustainable BPO services.

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