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Membership of an international network is an opportunity to meet and develop powerful working relationships with colleagues from all over the world.

Conferences are where members share ideas, share inspiration and make the connections that lead to new business. Every year TGS Global members have two opportunities to meet physically, once at regional events in May and again during the global conference in November.

However, plans to host a TGS conference in Cancun in 2020 changed as a consequence of the Coronavirus pandemic. If we couldn’t have a global conference in 2020 what could TGS do instead that would be innovative, useful for members and memorable?


TGS U (University) was launched this year to provide courses, webinars and short events with the key objective of improving the quality of TGS member firms and increasing capacity to compete in a crowded, fragmented and technology-driven market.

TGS U is 100% online and arranged around three pillars of activity that contribute to the overall development of TGS Global Quality.

In TGS U, our members can improve their Professional Core Competencies (Pillar 1), their Business, Communication and Collaboration skills (Pillar 2) and their focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (Pillar 3).

TGS Global Top 25 International Network Online Conference

TGS U and TGS Week were 100% online in 2020

From TGS U to TGS Week 2020

TGS Week 2020 was not a conference replacement but it was a continuation of the TGS U launch. TGS Week was a 5-day opportunity to meet, share ideas and to boost the positive growth impact TGS has for its member firms.

With members joining TGS Week from Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas, it was difficult to find a time that would work for everyone. TGS Week was therefore spread over 5 days to create the maximum opportunity for all members to participate. Some participants had to get up early, some had to stay up late (and some had to miss lunch) but everyone had the opportunity to strengthen their international network and that’s worth a little inconvenience.

During the total 5 days (15 hours) of TGS Week, 70 member firms participated in 15 workshops, were inspired by 9 speakers and worked together in at least 12 speed-meeting and coffee breakout rooms. There was even a karaoke session with 30 members singing simultaneously.

The event was great and in this Covid time, could not have been better. The use of the tools and the organisation was perfect.

Marcus Kwong, TGS Orcansa, Brazil

TGS Global Constant Quality Process

Themes covered in TGS Week 2020 included the TGS Quality Process, perspectives around the Covid Situation, building your ‘Power Network’ within TGS, generating more referral business in TGS Global and designing the firm of the future.

DAY 1: TGS: The three pillars of the TGS Quality Program (PCC, BCC and CSR)
DAY 2: Helping Businesses cope in Covid Upheaval
DAY 3: Building your high-performing team and ‘TGS power network’ in your firm
DAY 4: Business Development: Kickstarting a referral culture
DAY 5: Business Redesign: New technology, new experiences and new ideas

TGS Global is a top 25 International Network. TGS Week was a serious learning experience, a world-class networking event and a showcase for how current video-conferencing technology can be used most effectively.

Find more information about upcoming courses on TGS U here.


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