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TGS is SME-oriented

TGS is a network of entrepreneurial SMEs operating in the financial services and fintech sector. This network works tirelessly to develop our business strategies through collaboration. We place the needs and interests of our Member Firms at the heart of our business model and ethics, upheld by ambitious, respectful leadership.

We are well aware that what we do together directly impacts employees at each Member Firm, and we strive for quality and inclusive work environments for everyone.

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to work in a mid-tier firm in the financial services and fintech sector? To have a job with responsibility where results are rewarded, in a small yet dynamic firm?


What are the advantages of working in a mid-tier firm?

> Team spirit
You are an integral part of a human-scale team guided by inclusive leadership. You maintain direct relationships with your colleagues and senior management. You are involved in business development and have a voice in the decision-making process. Teamwork is constructive and agile.

> Talent
You will be surrounded by talented, enterprising colleagues. Most SMEs are built by ambitious entrepreneurs that have achieved growth and shaped their positioning. They have unique skill sets and a flair for innovation.

> Career development
Your work is more visible, and management teams see the real results of your input. This enhanced recognition is a big plus from a career development perspective. Small firms also offer untapped growth potential and are more flexible. This, coupled with less fierce labour competition, should enable your career to progress at a brisk pace.

> Scope of projects
You encounter a wider range of clients, allowing you to expand your knowledge and skills across multiple disciplines and sectors. You also build direct relationships with stakeholders, developing various business opportunities. SMEs are client-focused, putting the customer’s needs and interests at the heart of their business strategies.

> Work/life balance
An undeniable benefit is the healthier work/life balance. SMEs respect your needs and interests. The work environment is less competitive, giving you greater flexibility and more time to invest in your personal life.

What about working at an SME that is part of an international network?

Being part of a network enables firms to develop their client base internationally, access resources, share best practices and increase their competitiveness. By extension, working at an SME that is a member of a business network gives you more opportunity to:

Understand global pressures and work with a diverse customer base

Collaborate with a larger team of experts and develop your knowledge and skillset

Play a role in developing shared services tailored to your firm’s development and its clients’ requirements

Be part of something bigger: an internationally recognised network with a strong brand and reputation for quality that plays a unifying role and generates additional revenue.


Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? If you want to find out more about TGS Member Firms.

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