Womennovator: A 100 Women Faces

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Encouraging women in business

An event dedicated to women entrepreneurs in India

While some women are struggling to establish themselves in the business world, many others have managed to make their way through essentially male-dominated sectors, such as banks, finance and embassies.

In 2018, a hundred Indian women were asked to present a project to give them a voice, so that they could tell their story and inspire women all around the world. This new project, 100 Women Faces, is actually the first initiative of Womennovator, a platform whose purpose is to encourage and promote inspirational women entrepreneurs.

Fifteen out of the hundred women who participated were rewarded on International Women’s Day, on March 8th.

Encouraging women in business

This event put individual stories in the spotlight: Where do these women come from? What did they achieve? How did they manage to promote their ideas?

The Womennovator campaign aims to promote the excellent work of women in the India. It wants to change the rules of the game by creating an infrastructure that will assure women more visibility and encourage a new generation of women entrepreneurs who will take part in the struggle for women’s rights.

Womennovator aims to:

  • Identify ways to make women more visible
  • Extend opportunities to women first
  • Select women as spokespeople and leaders
  • Support & promote visible women


Womennovator uses an online and print publication strategy to promote women’s success stories in business.

Womennovator also has a highly media-covered award ceremony where influential people, and an international committee help the participants establish new contacts, resources and exposure on a global scale.


Everyone has a creative bent, a flair that makes them think out of the box, but what stops them is the lack of opportunities and resources. Womennovator helps make those resources available.

Tripti Shinghal Somani- Co-Chairperson Startup Committee at PHD Chamber of Commerce and industry

Tripti will be speaking about this project and her objective to roll out an international version at the TGS Global conference in Dubai.

Come meet Tripti and get involved making global business more accessible for female entrepreneurs.

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