What is the TGS Quality Program?

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Why is quality so important?

Quality is a mixture of expectations and standards (both now and in the future). Just like you expect a certain level of quality or value from your clients and your team, the market expects a certain level of quality from you and your services.

If quality is low in one firm, this impacts the whole TGS family. When professionals become a part of the TGS family, we offer them quality assurance, global coverage, and sustainable business development. This is a promise that we keep thanks to programs like the TGS Quality Program.

What is involved in the TGS Quality program?

Quality control is a driver for TGS member firm success, so we assess each firm on three pillars of quality: Professional Core Competencies (PCC), Business Development Collaboration Communication (BCC), and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The TGS Constant Quality Program is about regularly collecting information essential for quality review, creating a plan to improve together,  monitoring actions, and updating this plan.


How do members benefit from this program?

Participation in this program reinforces and increases brand value, and it boosts opportunities for the network to pool resources, cooperate more, and develop international business.

Members who really commit to Constant Quality will get the most out of this program. Why? Because it’s not just a one-off program. It’s a long-term collaborative process; one that will help members improve and increase their quality year after year.

Through collaboration and mutual learning, we will keep improving the global quality in TGS. After all, quality is our key value: Think Global Sustainability.

Quality in a product or service is not what the supplier puts in. It is what the customer gets out and is willing to pay for.

Peter Drucker, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, 1985

TGS is an entrepreneurial and innovative network with a focus on sustainable business development. Could your firm benefit from TGS membership?

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