The origins of TGS and its path to success

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TGS is an ambition

Marc Desjardins, President of TGS Global, was interviewed by Forbes Asia of Foreign Affairs. He discusses the origins of TGS Global. 

TGS Global was built on an ambition: enable and empower SMEs to develop their business sustainably with good leadership.

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With member firms at the heart of the business strategy

Soregor and Taylor Cocks were at the heart of this initiative. Their goal was to create a network based on corporate social responsibility that answered the needs of SMEs via multidisciplinary teams and a customer-oriented strategy. 

TGS Global has the advantage of a conscientious positioning that places its members at the forefront of their development.

We can give you direction, a clear way to develop your business and you will be proud to do your business but with a sense

Marc Desjardins, President of TGS

Whose success is undeniable

The success the project is unprecedented. TGS Global is now an internationally recognized network of independent firms that offer tailored services and whose horizon is focused on sustainable development.

We have come so far in 7 years. Imagine what we can achieve in the future!

At TGS we will continue growing with our values at heart and commit to building trust and transparency with our stakeholders to deliver results in a competitive globalised economy.  


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