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Athena, located in Torino, is a modern law company.


With two offices located in Torino, Athena is a new member of TGS Global in Italy. This firm is genuinely a newcomer as it was founded at the end of 2017.

Athena seeks to be a reference for companies and international clients through its values, services and experience. The Athena team has experience in legal, commercial, tax, labour and audit services and works with blue-chip companies and startups.

Values and Mission

Athena is proud to have a focus on transparency and the responsibility that it owes to its clients, which makes them reliable and trustworthy.

Athena believes in teamwork and the positive effect this can have on growth. What is done by one team member is assumed by the whole team and reflects throughout the company. Each person can operate individually but all are part of the same society.

Main services

  • Legal
  • Labour
  • Companies and Audit
  • Tax assistance
Why should people choose Athena? Because we add something rare to our professional qualities: our heart.

Marcello Persico - Founding partner and director

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