TGS ‘Doing Business In’ Webinars: meet our international tax, legal, audit, accounting and advisory experts

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How can you successfully set up your business overseas? How is it best to invest in another country?

Many TGS members have presented a ‘TGS Doing Business In’ (DBI) webinar over the last few months. More of these useful and informative webinars are planned for the end of 2021 and early 2022. 

10 webinars have been held since the launch of these events and you can find all of them on the TGS YouTube channel. So far you can learn about the advantages of working in Australia, Italy, Thailand, Scotland, Romania, Germany, Canada, Costa Rica and the DR Congo. 

You will also find out how to avoid the common mistakes SMEs can make when working with these countries. You will meet a team of friendly and experienced professionals who can help you set up and run your overseas or cross-border business. Our TGS experts will also help you set up and sustainably manage your overseas investments.

Many TGS members have presented a ‘TGS Doing Business In’ (DBI) webinar

TGS have organised these webinars to encourage members to share information with each other and their clients. The webinars bring added value in terms of business for TGS member firms and their clients.  

During TGS Month 2021, our ‘Doing Business In’ webinars were among the most popular events.


Doing Business in Germany

Fred Berner, CEO of the French – German Chamber of Commerce gave an excellent overview of the German economy. He explained how the German’s strategy is based on technology and high-end products.

R&D, sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility, electric vehicles, industrial transformation of the automotive sector future energy systems, hydrogen technologies are the development opportunities in key sectors

Some tips to implement if you want to do business with Germans are mentioned in this presentation: be on time (don’t be early or late), be clear and have a short and recurrent sales cycle.


Doing Business in Canada

Presented by Kalin McDonald and Paul Keul from S+C Partners, ‘DBI’ Canada gave a snappy overview of the key benefits to living and working in Canada.

Canada can often be a gateway to working in North America since the 2020 free trade agreement with the US and Mexico. Information about this, and other trade agreements can change frequently. Reach out to Kalin and his team for more information if you are interested in working in, into, with or out of Canada. 


TGS 'Doing Business In' webinars will give you an overview of Business, Economy, Tax, Workforce issues and Investment Opportunities in countries you are thinking of working in.

Don’t miss our most recent webinar ‘Doing Business In the Democratic Republic of Congo’. Also look out for DBI Greece, Russia and the USA.

You will soon have an address book full of TGS international audit, tax and legal experts without even leaving your office.

TGS 'Doing Business In' webinars. Help your clients avoid the common mistakes of setting up abroad.

Watch our DBI previous webinars.

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