TGS Digested Week 47: 3 ways to increase ROI from your network membership

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 TGS International Marketing Masterclass facilitated by Jacqueline Watson

Monday 22/11/2021

TGS Shared Services – iDealBiz: where members can interact and share business. 

Alberto Soares, senior partner of TGS Portugal gave a presentation about his iDealBIz platform. The idea of this shared service came up in 2017. At the beginning it was only for listing transactions but now, the iDealBiz platform is a business ecosystem with a host of different professional services on offer. 

International promotion of services can support our business activities. On the iDealBiz platform, brokers support transactions listed and share the benefits with other members. TGS members have opportunities to collaborate to build added-value solutions for their clients. iDealBiz allows you to increase your professional relations and you also get a corporate image boost with non additional cost. 

Contact Alberto for further details or if you want a demo of the platform. You will be impressed with the fluid user experience. 


TGS Month Professional Services Marketing Masterclass 

Are you using your international status effectively in your local marketing? 

The TGS International Marketing Masterclass is facilitated by Jacqueline Watson, Director, Marketing & Coaching Consultant for SMEs at Henderson Loggie UK. Jacqueline is an expert in marketing for accounting and audit firms and has proved year after year that her marketing campaigns generate business for her firm’s audit, accounting, tax, advisory and legal service departments. 

We are running 4 workshop sessions to create a marketing and communication strategy that guarantees to generate more business for TGS member firms. 


Tuesday 23/11/2021 

TGS Gap Accelerator Group – Part 2

The TGS Gap Accelerator Group is one of the key elements of TGS Month 2021 in terms of increasing the ROI from your network membership. 

In this session of the TGS Gap Accelerator Program we learned: 

  • the key recurring Business Advisory services clients need 
  • how to market, sell and deliver the ‘3 Essential Business Advisory services’
  • a clear plan for profitably expanding your advisory service offer 


“We love everything about this Gap Accelerator Program…apart from the 3am start time.”

Kalin McDonald, TGS member, S+C Partners in Canada. 

If you missed our TGS Gap sessions you can watch the replays on the TGS YouTube or we can introduce you to Phil for a private session to explore what’s available in the Gap Accelerator and how it works. 

TGS has negotiated a significant reduction in the subscription for the GAP Accelerator but places are limited. If you would like one of your team to participate in the program this year or if you’d like to set up an exploratory session with Gap expert, Phil Sayers, please reach out. 


TGS Quality Program One Page Plan (OPP): Open Session

What is an OPP and why do we use it? 

As part of our TGS Quality Program every member makes an OPP “One Page Plan” which aims to improve the TGS Member firm’s quality and also align their vision and business strategy with TGS. 

An international, network-aligned strategy will increase the richness and reach of your network membership. 

Now? How? Where?

These are the 3 main questions to ask when drafting your OPP. The OPP helps a company to set, to clarify and to achieve their objectives. It’s also important to set priorities to be more efficient. That is why the TGS Quality OPP is so relevant and so helpful. 

TGS Saudi Arabia presented the process of how they built their OPP and how they successfully used it during the past year. They also shared and explained their vision and action plan.

You can watch the whole session with the link above.


Wednesday 24/11/2021

Doing business in Canada 

Canada is a gateway to enter North America. In 2020, Canada opened up a free agreement with the US and Mexico. Canada has a strong natural resource sector, a highly educated workforce, top-ranked universities and is ranked first for quality of life (and variety of food available).

Canada has excellent, experienced and friendly accounting firms and none more so than TGS member, S+C Partners. 

Kalin McDonald and Paul Keul held a super-informative presentation, explaining everything you need to know about working with Canada. How much lower is corporate income tax than personal income tax and what are the advantages to living and working in Canada? 

All the information you need is in the TGS Doing Business in Canada webinar which dealt with:

  • Why do business in Canada? 
  • S+C Partners: A proud member of the TGS Global Network 
  • Stable economy, strong workforce 
  • Gateway to North-America 
  • Canadian Dream and Canadian Tax
  • What is a resident? 
  • Functional Currency Considerations
  • Non Resident withholding tax 
  • Payroll withholding requirement 
  • Taxable Canadian Property 
  • Branch Tax, Thin Capitalization Rules 
  • Treaties and Personal taxes 


Watch the video on the TGS Youtube account. Don’t forget to like and subscribe so you receive updates when we post other ‘ TGS Doing Business In…’ webinars. 


Thursday 25/11/2021

TGS Shared Services – Process Automation

Automation Services: The future is today

Matias Tijera from PGK Consultores, our Argentinean member, is an expert in Process Automation. 

The challenge is not about technology but about how technology impacts our current business models. Where our current business model is about high volume of competitors, more business, lower profits and a cost structure based on people, the new automation business model is about customer centricity, differentiation and increasing profit. 

The advantages for TGS members?

  1. reduced costs and increased ROI. 
  2. more efficiency, accuracy and quality in service provision. 

The benefits of process automation are measurable and your firm can show your client the ROI implementing automation. You have a direct impact on the result of the company. You can show this to the client. 


Friday 26/11/2021

Network connections. 

Since the recent easing of Covid restrictions, TGS President and CEO, Marc Desjardins has been visiting TGS Members in Europe. He has been discussing with each firm the possibility of participating in the upcoming capital increase. 

The TGS network is unique in many respects when compared to other networks. For example, TGS member firms can own shares in the structures that make up the network, so when we say the network is run for and by members, we are completely serious. 

Highlights of Marc’s recent trips: new offices for Mauer in Germany, a new office in central Madrid for TGS Edisa and a new lime tree sponsorship for TGS Lime Tree in Amsterdam. 


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