TGS Digested Week 46: TGS Month – the most intensive concentration of TGS events … so far.

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Rob van den Bosch and Niels van Raak from Vermetten Accountants & Adviseurs visiting TGS offices in Paris.

Monday 15/11/2021

TGS Month is a concentration of TGS U events, webinars, workshops and training courses. We designed TGS Month to replicate the benefits of participating in a global conference. 

In a global conference you will meet other TGS members, learn from experts and gain a useful perspective on your industry by discussing current best practices globally. 

In TGS month so far we have  met other TGS members, learned from experts and gained useful perspectives on our industry by discussing current best practices globally. 


Doing business in Germany 

Fred Berner, CEO of the French – German Chamber of Commerce gave us an excellent overview of the German economy. With a GDP of 3.8%, unemployment 3.4% and a position of  number 3 in world exports the strategy of Germany is based on technology and high-end products. 

There are many development opportunities in key sectors supported by the German market such as R&D, electric vehicles, industrial transformation of the automotive sector, future energy systems, hydrogen technologies. 

It is very important to respect time in your German business dealings. Don’t arrive early or late to your meetings. Your product has to be clear and your sales cycle has to be short and recurrent. 

To find out more about doing business in Germany, you can watch the recording of the webinar. 


Tuesday 16/11/2021 

TGS Gap Accelerator Group 

Mark Jenkins introduced The GAP Accelerator Program. This is one of the key elements of TGS Month in terms of increasing your ROI. 

We understood the key recurring Business Advisory services clients need, determined the size of the revenue growth opportunity for our firms and learned how to market, sell and deliver 3 Essential Business Advisory services. We also explored a clear plan for expanding our advisory offering with The Gap

10/10 participants in the workshop said that at least 30% of their clients would benefit from this service. It is a pragmatic process to market, sell and deliver advisory services. 

TGS Gap Accelerator Program is open to all TGS members, ideally for someone who will have some time, energy and hunger to get advisory services up and running as part of your service line. It’s a great project!

The next 1-hr webinar for a deeper dive into the GAP process is on Nov 23 at 9am Paris time. Register here.  


Wednesday 17/11/2021

Future Sales Factory with Matthew Quinn

From your first handshake with a prospective customer to your first invoice, TGS is helping members improve, by training, process management or motivation, the effectiveness and profitability of their sales force. 

You will benefit from Matthew’s excellent sales training whether you have one sales individual, a global team or if you expect all your partners to be selling your services.

Today’s short webinar was an introduction to our three Sales Courses for next year. Which course will be right for you and your team? 

  1. Sales Development. 
  2. Key Account Management
  3. Negotiation


What you need to know about outsourcing to the UK

John Bennett, specialist in outsourced services for internationally owned businesses showed us how to outsource to the UK. 

John gave some concrete examples of how Hillier Hopkins’ friendly, high-quality and local service offer of hand-holding for small subsidiaries of multinationals could become a niche and highly profitable business for TGS members. 

This was a perfect example of a TGS Shared Service webinar bringing members together to co-created projects and leverage their use of the brand. 

When the webinar was over, Margaux said, “The webinar was very interesting, not too long and there were questions that ended up in conversation which is cool.” 


Thursday 18/11/2021

TGS Business Referral Platform Workshops

Business referrals are a key benefit of international network membership. It is very motivating to be able to track your performance on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. In TGS, member firms can monitor the status of their referral business in real time. 

TGS member firms have easy access to their referral pipeline. They can check if the information is correct with respect to the status of contracts, amounts charged. They are also able to modify information directly on the platform. 

Sophie Cartalier explains the work her team has done in streamlining and automating the TGS referral process. She also explains how the TGS  Referral Platform works, how you can access it and how we plan to improve it in the future. 

There are three more TGS Referral Platform webinars on November 24th at 9am, 2pm and 5pm Paris time. You can register for the time that suits you best on the TGS U page


For the first time a top 50 of accounting firms is published in The Netherlands and TGS member firm, Vermetten enter at place 35.

Friday 19/11/2021

TGS Global team meets TGS member firm, Vermetten in Paris 

TGS member firm, Vermetten from the Netherlands visited the TGS headquarters in Paris to discuss strategy with the global team. 

Vermetten support SME entrepreneurs with financial planning, business succession, pension advice, mediation, employment law, salary administration, personnel advice and general advisory. For the first time a top 50 of accounting firms is published in The Netherlands and TGS member firm, Vermetten enter at place 35.

TGS member, Vermetten, have clients from a very diverse range of  industries and they provide the same high quality TGS Experience, proactive services and expert advice to all of them. 

Vermetten have been and active member in the TGS network since 2014 and have a presence in Tilburg, Roosendaal, Waalwijk, Breda, Bergen op Zoom, Etten-Leur and Oosterhout.

Would you like to explore how TGS membership could benefit your firm?

Schedule a meeting with TGS VP Andrew

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