TGS announce strong position in World Networks Survey 2023

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TGS ranked top 25 in IAB world networks survey

TGS announce strong position in World Rankings as one of the world’s top 25 international networks according to the IAB World Networks Survey 2023

TGS is delighted to be listed among the top 25 networks in terms of staff data and fee data in the recently published International Accounting Bulletin [IAB] World Networks Survey 2022 (IAB Issue 630).

The IAB World Survey includes fee income from 30 Networks and 22 Associations.

TGS was founded in 2012, was awarded the IAB’s ‘Rising Star Status’ in 2014 and has never looked back.


Find out more about the TGS network’s multidisciplinary and sustainable approach to client service.


Marc Desjardins President CEO TGS network
While it is gratifying to be recognised by the IAB, the TGS network is multidisciplinary and goes far beyond accounting. Our member firms also provide auditing, advisory, tax and commercial legal services, and all that with a focus on sustainability.

Marc DESJARDINS, president and CEO of the TGS network

TGS is a World Ranked top 25 network.

Is your firm ready to become a member?

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