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Quality of service is the perception that clients have of how well a service meets or exceeds their expectations

Author: Andres Ropert, managing partner at TGS Sarrio & Asociados

Quality is a term widely used in the field of business and professional services provided by firms like ours. This is not unrelated to the work carried out in the accounting sector, it is essential that the concept of “quality” is present throughout the entire work process to ensure the success of the service. And we will achieve this success only if we focus on exceptional client service.

In firms like ours, where we sell services as specific as accounting, auditing, and tax advice to other companies, and where our main asset is our people; it is more evident that we must not only provide a quality service but also build experiences with our clients, a key element that differentiates us from our competitors.

At TGS Sarrio & Asociados we seek to focus on the value proposition that we offer to our clients, demonstrating that they matter to us, that we know their industry and that we want to be their “co-pilots” in the growth of their companies. In addition to the “what” and the “how” we will deliver our services, we seek to focus on the needs of each of our clients; always under the premise of independence, confidentiality, and prestige that characterizes us.

The quality of services is closely related to human capital

We have established ourselves a challenge to have a well-defined focus on the client and an orientation towards service; which we will only achieve with the best people, committed to the well-being of their clients – regardless of their size – and who are able to make a difference every day. To meet this challenge, our Marketing & Communications (M&C) and Talent & Culture (T&C or HR) areas work closely together, seeking from the T&C side, the development of our employees; and from M&C, establish an emotional relationship between employees and the brand.

With these objectives we guarantee the motivation of the staff, committed and service-oriented, helping them to unleash their growth potential and talent retention. All this will translate into a service culture, customer-oriented, high-quality service, which improves the image and perception of our clients.

Just as the M&C and T&C areas work to establish a service culture for external clients; also, our support or administrative areas must be oriented to the quality of service of the internal client. The final quality of our services depends both on the accountants, auditors, lawyers and consultants as well as the internal quality of the service in the support areas. Quality is built through all the steps involved in the provision of services, from the first contact with the potential client, to the post-sale. All of us in the Firm are suppliers and clients.

To maintain our quality standards, our methodology and quality of services in the Quality Control area are periodically reviewed and updated. Our processes help our consultants to identify risks, applying controls and guaranteeing audit, accounting, tax and financial procedures, with the constant support of the latest generation management platforms and ERPs for optimization in processing time and real-time information management.

In addition, together with the global organization, we seek to increase and enhance the efficiency with which we work, provide a clear and simple link with international standards and technological innovation, help the quality of service increase for the entire team, have a platform that guarantees differentiation from competitors and generates enthusiasm in people.

As part of our constant concern to improve the quality of our services, we periodically carry out a satisfaction survey of all our clients, with which we seek constant improvement through client feedback.

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