How Unique is the TGS Network Structure?

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TGS Talks Accounting 2024, Episode 05

A deep dive into the unique organizational structure of TGS, a look at generating more referral business and an exploration of who and what our ‘International Business Coordinators’ are … in detail, with humour and sustainability!

Podcast Highlights

In episode 05 of TGS Talks Accounting, Andrew and Peter:

  • explain how TGS is uniquely owned and run by its member firms, not like other networks.
  • talk about benefits of networking and being part of TGS, like demonstrating quality, accessing international opportunities, and expanding contacts.
  • outline the important role of International Business Coordinators in sharing ideas and developing business within the network.
  • provide information on how members can improve their return on investment and business quality through the quality process.
  • highlight potential consulting and advisory opportunities members could pursue


Learn more about the TGS network structure, understand how to increase your ROI and referral business and learn about upcoming conferences and opportunities through the TGS network.

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