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TGS Global has over 50 members around the world. Marc Desjardins, interviewed by Foreign Affairs, takes us through what is means to be a member in TGS Global. 

A common goal achieved through collaboration

TGS is founded on shared values and a common goal: sustainable business. 

It is the collaboration and activeness of the members that allows TGS to ensure corporate social responsibility throughout the network.  The strong relationships between our people is key to our agility and trust worthiness. Our members work together, with our clients needs and interests at heart.

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To build the network you want to be part of 

It is key for our network that everyone has a voice. Marc Desjardins emphasizes that being a member in TGS is more than being a client.

Being a member is seizing the opportunity to build the network of tomorrow. Every member is an active participant and has a key part to play. 

There are different levels of being a member in TGS according to the time spent within the network and your level of commitement. A Member Firm can be

– An active member 

– A TGS Animator

– A TGS Founder

A major difference and strength of TGS is that the network’s capital is open, and any Member Firm who wishes can be become shareholder of the network.

Expanding the network

TGS Global grows as the members grow. The active participation and collaboration of TGS Global differentiates this network and ensures the competitive positioning of our members worldwide. 

As our values and common goal define who we are and what we build together, TGS places sustainable business practices, ethics and quality services as a strong criteria to become a member. Quality over quantity. 


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