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Forbes Asia interviews Marc Desjardins at the new TGS Global headquarters

Overlooking the buzzing streets of Paris in the new headquarters in Paris, Marc Desjardins was interviewed by Forbes Asia. He seized this opportunity to discuss the shared values of the TGS family and how the network differentiates itself from the other networks.

The expansion of the network to the USA

A particularly relevant topic to all member firms cropped up: the expansion of the network in the USA in the current socio-political environment.

For many networks and businesses, this situation is perceived as a challenge. SMEs worldwide are preoccupied by the current political and economic disruption in the States. Companies are hesitating on investing in North America. They are uncertain about the future of their businesses.

TGS understands the challenges and the risks for the network and the participating member firms. Marc Desjardins justly agrees that the situation is uncertain and can be a threat to SMEs. Though, he also puts forth that this challenge is an opportunity TGS is seizing.

Marc Desjardins, President of TGS Global – a forward looking vision.

A forward-looking vision

TGS has a very strong basis in Europe and Latin America and our presence in the USA is only just begining. Foreign Affairs was actually surprised by the TGS strategy vis a vis of the network’s presence in the States: “I find it curious and quite formidable that you took your time, you developed credibility, experience, expertise and then you went the USA. It is a very forward-looking vision and business model you have”. TGS will help existing member-firms and potential members to pursue business opportunities in the US. Business continues, and companies must work together for the betterment of society and ensure long-term success. Our network is dynamic and innovative and being part of such a system is the only way to deal with volatile, uncertain and complex environments.

The Vice-President International Development of TGS Global, Andrew Menzies, states that “If we want to influence the future as a network, we have to get involved. In the states, we are in a really privileged position at the moment, that we have the opportunity to develop a really new dynamic network there – and that’s what we are doing.”

TGS is clearly identified as the sustainable network in the states. Zebras Unite who have developed a sustainable business model has been speaking with TGS in nurturing a partnership.

There is an interesting parallel between the political situation in the USA and what is happening in Europe with Brexit. The risks and uncertainties can be daunting to firms. TGS works together to understand the situation and how best to help members create a positive impact for all stakeholders in difficult circumstances. TGS, in the case of Brexit, is a way for businesses to remain in Europe and to maintain market accessibility.

“It is the right moment to go to the States. We hope that the positioning we have will make some firms happy in the USA, and that our differences will catch new members.”

Marc Desjardins, President of TGS Global

If you have any comments, advice and stories you would like to share about the current economic and political situations in the USA, don’t hesitate to share with the network.

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