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About Digital Technology

Companies are integrating digital technology into their day to day processes. We are in a time of a major culture shift that is leading to new business strategies. We are all concerned about this digital transformation. In the next year, this transition will affect over 90% of all European companies, and in 2020 half of all revenues will be created by digital production. It is crucial that you don’t get left behind. Not only are competitors on their way, transforming the financial services landscape, but the productivity and efficiency gains for your firm are undeniable.

The role of TGS

TGS understands that transforming your business can be a challenge and present a panoply of risks. Collaboration with the right players is central to success. Being part of the TGS network is an opportunity to ensure resource sharing and cooperation with these right players.

TGS Edisa, in Spain, is an independent member of TGS. TGS Edisa has 30 years of experience in multi-dimensional financial services and operates internationally with the help of the TGS network. The customer-centric business model has placed TGS Edisa as a major player in its domain. In the last 15 years, TGS Edisa has developed a strategy following digital transformation – and integrated it into the core business.

Growing your business on the internet by integrating automation, increases efficiency. A firm can expand their business opportunities by breaking the geographical boundaries. Digitalisation changes your positioning and can influence your internal structure and external image.

Digital around the world in 2018

Our member: TGS Edisa

TGS Edisa is a leader in digital consulting to answer new challenges that come with digitalization. To ensure client success, the company focuses on crucial services such as business digital consulting and digital training.

Their goal is to share knowledge of the digital world and ensure their clients have a strategic approach to digitalization. TGS Edisa accompanies firms through their digital transformation. They focus on key areas of development such as SEM (search engine marketing) and SEO (search engine optimization) which are essential parts in company communication. A large branch of their services covers relevant and valuable content for better market positioning. They also provide professional tools to measure results and allow continuous improvement.

Having effective channels is not enough. Asking key questions like: Where are we? Where are we going? And why? ensures that your digital transformation follows the general communication and business strategy plan.

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