Unlocking Global Opportunities: A Conversation with Stephan Mauer

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Stephan Mauer

I am Stephan Mauer, Diplom-Kaufmann, founder and managing partner and owner at Mauer Unternehmensberatung, Wirtschaftsprüfungs- und Steuerberatungs-GmbH. We are focused on the requirements of medium-sized, internationalized companies and groups of companies (SMEs) as well as, in the area of GRC, large, listed corporations. The Mauer Group team consists of auditors, engineers, IT specialists and tax consultants. In addition to the classic auditing and tax consulting activities, we offer our clients support in all business management issues as a management consultancy.

Our role at TGS?

We are one of many member firms in the network. By working closely together, we can guarantee our clients high-quality local answers to global problems and a long-term commitment to sustainable business development. Transparent as well as honest relationships between the individual members and towards clients are essential for this. Our clients benefit from the extensive expertise of the network, especially with regard to international issues. Our membership enables us to continuously improve our methods and solutions and thus offer comprehensive consulting and auditing services for domestic and international clients. The network enables us to respond faster and more sustainably to the constantly changing corporate environments.

How we help other members?

1. market access: we enable other companies to access the German market, which is one of the largest economies in Europe.

2. local expertise: our company has knowledge of German business culture, legal framework and local market conditions, which can be invaluable for foreign companies.
3. language expertise: we can help with translations and communication in German, which is a hurdle for many international companies. On the other hand, our staff is multilingual, so we can cover almost all languages from the European language area.

4. cultural understanding: our understanding of cultural differences and norms in Germany can help other companies build successful business relationships.

5. local contacts: We have a network of contacts in Germany that can be useful to other companies, whether distributors, suppliers or customers.

6. cooperation and partnerships: Through our participation in the international network, we can promote collaboration opportunities and partnerships with other companies in Germany.

A fun experience at TGS?

The “one” experience does not exist (*smile*)! But there are many, warm and empathic encounters at our international meetings in Berlin, Dubai and Madrid. Hopefully, many more inspiring encounters will follow!

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