The Power Hour: The Key to Focused Sales Success

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Jason Langford-Brown, CEO & Coaching Psychologist

Recently, Jason Langford-Brown hosted a webinar called “Taking Action”. Here’s what you need to know from this exciting moment.

What gets measured, gets done, and what gets recognised gets done again, and even better.

Robert Crawford

This quote highlights the importance of having a clear focus and measurable objectives when it comes to achieving our goals. One way to achieve this is through focused activity, such as “The Power Hour”.

The concept of “The Power Hour” involves dedicating a fixed time to make five specific types of calls. This fixed time could be on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday from 11:00-12:00. These calls include a cold call, an existing client, a lapsed or “slowed down” client, a lost client or lost deal, and a referral partner. The objective is to make contact with each of these types of clients and obtain a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ decision.

The key to success with “The Power Hour” is to focus on the numbers game. Businesses can gain momentum and grow their sales by engaging with a wide range of clients. Tracking the number of contacts made and the resulting yes or no decisions is also important. This process also helps to increase connectivity and engagement with the wider business, as everyone is involved in the sales process.

Another important aspect of successful selling is the art of having beautiful conversations. Moving away from traditional sales pitches and relying on slide decks is one aspect of it. Focusing on building relationships through meaningful conversations is another.

To have a beautiful conversation, there are four key steps to follow: disturb, ask questions, find their problems, and hook. It’s important to focus on the order of the conversation, starting with why, how, and what, and building credibility along the way. By following this approach, businesses can overcome difficult conversations and make selling disappear.

Businesses can increase their sales and grow their confidence by implementing focused activity and having beautiful conversations. Additionally, they can engage with a wider range of clients through this approach. It’s crucial to remember that attention drives action. By narrowing down on the appropriate activities, businesses can accomplish their objectives and thrive in the present-day competitive market.

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