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TGS firms learn how to offer specialty services to their clients that generate cash benefit, potentially in the tens of millions.

Michael Bredahl has over 25 years delivering value-focused insight and solutions to stakeholders and clients across the globe while in PwC and Deloitte Corporate Finance Consulting and industry at Cargill. He is an expert in Global Intangibles Strategy and Services and will host a roundtable on May 12. You will get to know how to move from compliance to high-margin premium advisory services.

What are Global Intangibles?

Global Intangibles are your clients’ most valuable assets. They can be patents, trademarks, copyrights or trade secrets. All these enable companies to produce and protect their differentiated products. This uniqueness is what brings a competitive advantage to the firms. It is thus important to invest to build the most valuable perception of the brand.

However, your clients might be mismanaging or simply forgetting about this source of sustainable advantage. Your firm can help them manage their Global Intangibles and give strategy advice to leverage value from existing collateral.

The services focus on identifying valuable intangibles, transacting for greater intangible value and new cash flows, driving cash tax savings, repatriation of cash and decreasing tax risks.

This new shared service is an opportunity for TGS firms to offer specialty services to their clients that generate cash benefit, potentially in the tens of millions.

Michael Bredahl, Managing partner of WTP Advisors

How will Michael Bredahl’s Global Intangibles Advisory create value for TGS member firms?

Michael Bredahl is an expert in Global Intangibles Strategy and Services. Having worked for over 25 years in consulting, he is now presenting a new TGS shared service on Global Intangibles.

TGS members who join this project will shift from offering compliance to high-margin advisory services.

TGS will support your firm to engage in Global Intangibles strategy and services. The network will assist you to identify and prioritise targets and help you develop marketing and pitch services. We will provide training on the basis of sold projects as well as on-the-job training.

What new, high-margin services will your firm  be able to offer?

The offerings can be put in 5 categories:

  • Global Intangibles management and ownership structuring
  • Process design for intangibles creation, ownership, use and tax credits
  • Transaction support and post-close integration of intangibles
  • Tax dispute prevention and resolution, transfer pricing documentation, OECD filling and APAs
  • Intangibles valuation

These groups of services help your clients realise the value of their Global Intangibles and develop a strategy to best manage them.

Watch Michael’s presentation from TGS Month 2021

Michael Bredahl guides TGS members to shift their services from compliance to high-margin premium advisory using Global Intangibles.

Global Intangibles strategy and services are a truly profitable business. Thanks to Michael’s expertise, TGS members will be able to leverage value from their existing clients.

Leverage your client value

Shift from compliance to high-margin advisory services

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