Mind Map: remember more, communicate better, increase efficiency

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“Remember more, communicate better, increase efficiency.”

TGS Passnotes #1: Mind Map

I’ve seen these before. It’s when you make a scratchy sort of spider drawing instead of taking proper notes. Yes, well, not exactly. A mind map is a visual representation of ideas and displays information in a way that we more naturally absorb and remember.

I’d rather read a book. The daddy of mind maps, Tony Buzan  argued ‘while “traditional” outlines, like taking notes and making lists, force readers to scan left to right and top to bottom, readers actually tend to scan the entire page in a non-linear fashion.’ He did also write some books you can read…over a hundred best sellers.

100! I don’t have time to read that much. I can’t even get through my emails. Don’t worry, he also wrote books about speed reading…so maybe you should read them first.

It seems complicated, what’s Tony’s advice about how to read 100 books in a week? Tony’s gone, I’m afraid, but we’ve got the amazing Stefano Faraoni who can teach you how to do it.


“I was bored being a mafia lawyer … and then I found something more exciting to do. Memory, mind mapping and singing.”

Stefano Faraoni

And the mind maps? Yes, mind maps first, then another day to read fast and communicate better.

But I don’t speak Italian. Not a problem. If you can speak English. Stefano’s a killer linguist (and singer), you will never know he’s Italian while he’s teaching you. It only shows at lunch, the pizza’s a giveaway.

It seems difficult. I don’t have time to do this. It’s really not difficult. It’s just a different way of doing things. Less than a day to learn the basic concepts and then if you practice it 5 minutes a day you’ll be professional in a week or so. Then you will take notes super-quicker, you will remember everything you note and you will be able to share the information quickly and easily with your team.

That’s amazing. Sounds too good to be true. And yet, it’s true, and that’s just the beginning of amazing. Stefano is so good at it now he doesn’t even write them down: he makes the mind maps directly in his head. Information learned!

Most training courses I go on are boring and I don’t remember much about them by the time I get home. ‘ That sounds about right. Statistically, after one day, you will have forgotten 80% of what you learned in a course, after two days, you will have lost 90% and if you’re lucky, after a week you’ve kept about 2% of the course information. So your whole learning experience has a very poor ROI.

Oh well. I’ll not bother signing up for this course. Thanks for the tip. Not so fast!
a) the course is not boring.
b) it’s in Paris, which about as far from boring as you can get, and
c) this is the last list you will ever need.

OK. When and where can I do this? We have regular courses in Paris. Just give us a call to see when the next sessions are planned.

Do say:  Did you know that you use less than 1% of your brain but that mind mapping can help you to access the other 99%?

Don’t say: I’m sure I read something about that somewhere but I can’t remember what or where…

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Watch the video of our session here:


Sign up our June 12th 2020 course on Mind Mapping in Paris! Or why not invite Stefano to your firm to train your staff.

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