TGS Digested Week 45: TGS Month is Go

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Monday 08/11/2021

TGS hosts a full month of useful online events

TGS is an international network that covers many time-zones and so TGS Month had two identical launch days but at different times so that each member could participate. 60 members from around the world got together to discuss the future of the TGS network. 

Marc’s Desjardins, TGS President and CEO gave an inspirational speech about how TGS is a response to a new world with a new and rapidly changing reality. The TGS network is agile, collaborative, ethical and focused on the sustainable development of our firms. 


TGS Quality Program

Marcela Vargas, Sophie Cartalier and Silvia Letang gave an overview of the TGS Quality Program and how it covers development from the perspectives of Corporate Social Responsibility, Business & Collaboration and Professional Core Competencies. The TGS Quality Program monitors everything a firm needs to be successful in the long term. 

Sophie Everarts, from T.S.I. gave an overview of the TGS brand development, protection and use. How can and do we use a global brand correctly and for the largest effect? Sophie’s presentation was followed by a quiz hosted by TGS team members, Margaux and Marine. 


TGS New Members

Andrew Menzies, TGS VP International Development introduced a new TGS member, the entrepreneurial and charismatic Osilo and Co in Uganda and outlined the program of 30 conferences, webinars and workshops that make up TGS Month this November. You can find the full program listing and links to register for each of the events on the TGS U page here

If you could not make it to either of our launch sessions, you can watch the TGS Conference Launch day on our TGS YouTube channel. Please remember to subscribe to the channel so you can leave comments. 


Tuesday  09/11/2021

The TGS Young Leader Group offers an opportunity to nurture your future talent in a strategic way. 

Your young staff likely consider leadership training a job perk. Millennials are often more interested in learning and development than in other kinds of benefits, including cash bonuses. Our young staff at TGS are keen to move into leadership roles and will choose a job with advancement opportunities rather than a higher salary. Being a member of the TGS network means that TGS member firms can offer the opportunity to travel and learn new skills in different firms. 

Without strategic planning, leadership roles are often given to the most forward candidates with dominant personalities but these are perhaps not the best candidates. If you have a team member  who is keen to participate in a program such as the TGS Young Leader Group – to grab the opportunity with both hands and make something of it – then you may have found the key to sustaining your business in the future. 

One key outcome of the TGS Young Leader conference session is that they have renamed themselves to TGS Future Leader Group

Wednesday  10/11/2021

Using LinkedIN to generate more business

You may be showing your potential digital clients a poor personal profile and weak company presence on LinkedIn and it’s a guaranteed way to lose business. Our LinkedIn expert, Miles Duncan, showed us you how to fix our Linkedin profile in 8 simple steps so we create a brilliant first impression that engages our audience.

Then as a key assignment Miles asked us was to follow other TGS member company pages and also connect to as many TGS members as possible. 

Miles demonstrated how to do this and, for a bit of fun, he will also be keeping a scorecard on how many TGS member company pages you are following and how many TGS members you are connected to. We will publish the TGS LinkedIN Connection results in early 2022.

If you missed the event, you can watch a recording of the TGS Month event ‘How to improve your LinkedIn profile’ on our unlisted YouTube video. Share the link with your team.

Thursday  11/11/2021

Attention to Experience Design can increase your new business and sustain your key accounts

The TGS Experience Design Workshop facilitated by Justyna Swat. 

Justyna is an engineer-architect and combines design, technology and science in creative problem-solving and Experience Design. Justyna’s workshop explored how Experience Design could help TGS firms generate more value from their membership. 

Experience Design improves Customer Retention and Creates Competitive Advantage.

The memorable experiences your firm creates for clients will provide them with empowering knowledge and life-changing interactions. 

These user experiences become stories your clients will love to tell for years to come. This is the most powerful type of marketing there is – word-of-mouth. We have the advantage in an international network to be able to share each other’s stories. 

As we continue to establish the TGS Experience and brand as a trusted source in our professional fields, our clients (and potential clients) will continue to prefer TGS over the competition. 

You can still participate in Justyna’s TGS Experience Design Workshop by watching the recording of her workshop and discover how much extra value you can generate for your firm by amplifying the TGS Experience.  

There is still time to register for TGS Month events.

Friday 12/11/2021

Many more TGS events to follow. 

It’s not over and there is still time to sign up for TGS Month events. Please check the TGS U page and sign your team up for all the upcoming events


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