TGS Digested Week 26: ‘TGS Tax First’. A client-winning strategy?

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Monday 28/06/2021

TGS Tax Committee

The TGS Tax Committee meets once a month to work on shared projects, to share information and break down barriers to network collaboration. This week,  Jim Dawson from Global Tax Focus gave a thought-provoking presentation on the potential adoption of a TGS Tax First strategy. 

We explored how we could leverage TGS tax expertise to work more with international firms who face cross border issues. TGS has global coverage with local expertise, a harness of technology, a protected global brand and a focus on sustainability.

All these factors are key to winning new work but perhaps the most important factor is the TGS brand. The TGS brand is a common set of behaviours and commitment to service excellence. This is the TGS Experience, for clients and for members of the network.  Every client referred between members, no matter how small, is a Triple A client for TGS. 

Topics during this week’s TGS Tax Committee workshop were: 

  • Streamlining and standardising documentation required when engaging with member firms or their clients
  • Highlighting the uniqueness and CSR sustainability focus of the TGS brand
  • Setting up VAT and other specialised webinars for issues members may not understand, for example, ‘sales and use taxes’ in the US
  • TGS will give active opinions on global tax issues and how they will come to affect the economy and businesses

Tuesday 29/06/2021

TGS in Russia, China and Japan

We had a series of e-meetings with different Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI): CCI France Russia, CCI France China and CCI France Japan. CCIs support firms with their projects, and at TGS, we’ve got quite a lot of ongoing projects! 

TGS aims to extend activity in Russia, Japan and China. TGS already has two strong members in China, TGS Nortex and Shandong Haoxin, but China is big enough to make the network even bigger and more efficient throughout Asia Pacific.

We like collaborating with chambers of commerce wherever we have members and even where we don’t. It is important for us to get close to institutional organisations where our TGS members are active. TGS is already a member of the French American CCI in New York and we’ve worked with the French Korean CCI on a ‘Doing business in South Korea’ webinar, so we know how efficient and helpful CCI networks can be. 

If you are reading this and you are a firm providing audit, accounting, tax and legal services in Russia, China or Japan and are interested in joining TGS, please don’t hesitate to book a 20-minute call at the end of this Digested Week 😉. We would be delighted to speak with you and talk about your projects and ambitions for the coming years. 

Wednesday 30/06/2021

TGS Month, November 2021

This year’s TGS Global Conference was originally planned for Cancun in Mexico with goodies, sun, good food and leisure activities but unfortunately we won’t be there. I’m sure you know why.  As an alternative we will be hosting TGS Month, so the conferences can take place not only during a week long but all month. During this month, we will take you on a world tour through our ‘TGS Doing business in …‘ webinars. It’s going to be an inspiration to learn concrete tips to do business all over the world. 

You will also be able to meet and chat with other members in the network during TGS Month. A network with no networking is no network so you will have a series of TGS blind dates online. Due to the time differences, we are dreaming up ‘brunch’ or ‘brinner’ meets (dinner time for some is breakfast time for you: brinner). You will find out about business in many countries but also about what different countries eat at different times of the day. 👨‍🍳🍳 

TGS Month will also be an opportunity to share your SDG goal progress. We will be organizing interviews to discuss what has changed in your company in terms of sustainability and to share ideas of improvements that could be made. 

Also, to create links and business relationships between members there is nothing better to share what we are doing and to explore what we could do together in the future. TGS Month is going to be fun and it’s going to be useful for your firm and your team. 

TGS Month is our most ambitious TGS event ever: 30 days of Workshops, Interviews, Goodies, Speakers and Activities.

Thursday 01/07/2021

Boost your business with TGS brand on your documents 

How can an harmonized graphic charter boost your business? 

TGS brand is owned by a Belgian company called T.S.I., who manages all the aspects related to the brand. T.S.I. is helping members use the brand correctly and effectively, to use the correct graphic charter and to harmonize all the written communication. The TGS logo and graphic charter embodies our image and is the foundation of our TGS identity. Our shared brand allows TGS members to enhance their image, to reinforce our marketing messages and to be internationally recognized. 

The TGS logo is the most important element of the brand and it is registered in many countries as a trademark. It’s really important to use the brand correctly for it to be legally protected. TGS members have to use the correct logo and not make any changes in the background, color size or shape. 

The graphic charter is made up of five colours to support the content and to reinforce the identity of the TGS network. Our TGS pictograms always have rounded corners like the TGS logo, pictures used have to be dynamic and must also refer to our sustainability focus.  TGS uses clear language to be accessible, transparent and accurate in all communication. 

A harmonized graphic charter across our 70 TGS member firms boosts the ‘network effect’ of brand usage for individual TGS member firms.

Friday 02/07/2021

TGS President, Marc Desjardins visits TGS member firms in Greece, Romania and Bulgaria

Marc Desjardins, President and CEO of the TGS network travelled to Thessaloniki this week to meet with the TGS offices in Bulgaria, Romania and Greece (Crete, Patra and Rodos). He participated in a presentation about the regional strategy “TGS in Southeastern Europe: Greece, Bulgaria, Romania”. 

Marc also visited the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Greece, the Attica Bank, the Hellenic Accounting and Auditing Standards Oversight Board and the Greek Ministry of Development and Investments. 

The most important part of a network is networking and we are delighted that we can begin to travel again albeit with Covid vaccination and many PCR tests. Mr Desjardins was also able to visit some of TGS Hella’s clients, European Connections and Evrochartiki. He is also planning to visit the Greek Ministry of European Funds and The Greek National Television channel.

You will be able to read a full article about this tour later next week and in the meantime make sure you follow the TGS LinkedIn page to follow where we are. 

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