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Rob Van den Bosch, Tax Advisor and Partner with TGS member Vermetten Accountants & Adviseurs

TGS members generate more business internationally with a cross-border service project

TGS members are continuing to develop the exciting project of offering cross-border services to TGS members and clients outside of the network. The project generates global business by helping firms easily develop businesses internationally. This helps create a community within the TGS network itself!

What is the purpose of the TGS cross-border services project?

The main purpose of this cross-border services project is that it generates global business.

As your company grows, it is natural to think about expanding your business to other countries. However, the language barrier, different regulations and tax laws can make your project difficult to set up.

Since TGS operates in over 60 countries, the network can assist businesses grow internationally.

TGS firms will help other TGS members, their clients and even companies outside the network with their cross-border issues to generate more global business.

As the project establishes more cross-border advisory between more countries, it enables more cooperation between TGS members. It also brings members who participate closer and create a community within the network.

Cooperating will only generate more business in the future. This project is a tool to shift from a network that works bilaterally to a network that works together.

Enrique Zugasti, Tax Zone Manager of TGS Edisa

What makes the TGS cross-border project unique?

TGS approach is different from other accounting networks. Usually, networks involved in cross border advisory only focus on one area of business. They are often experts in accounting but not be able to help you with other matters.

But, TGS members have a wide range of expertise to offer. With each member bringing in their special skills, the offerings will be very comprehensive.

To enhance these various skills, TGS member firms focus on a niche markets like expatriates. Since the focus is specific, the other areas of expertise automatically become assets adding value to the offer. It will bring something new to the services that companies focusing on expatriates provide.

What are the TGS member cross-border goals?

The overall goal for TGS members involved in the cross border advisory project is to expand the project to more countries and more niche areas. The more companies that participate, the more diverse the skills and the more countries the project will cover.

TGS members cross-border services project is creating a platform for businesses to go to when they want to start a business in another country. Considering the diversity of TGS firms, this project will be a useful and profitable one.

TGS member firm collaborative project on cross-border advisory services is truly promising

TGS members already have the expertise and contacts to make this project successful. It will be highly profitable for members involved and create stronger bonds between them.

This project is also helpful for firms willing to go international and need help to take the next steps successfully.

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