Recruitment and retention, easier Investing in Spain, accounting for startups in Sweden…

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Andrew and Peter discuss events coming in the next week

There’s always a lot happening in TGS, so if you can’t be directly involved in the live events you can always read the executive summary here, download the recording of the event on MyTGSHub or look out for the article on the TGS website or our TGS LinkedIN page.

On today’s episode:

1. Recruitment and Retention 

with Dominique Austin-Bruno

2. It’s now easier for SMEs to invest in Spain

with Mélissa Anne Sullivan from TGS Edisa in Spain

3. TGS CSR an ESG Strategy 

with Marcela Vargas, TGS CSR Project Manager

4. Auditing for Startups in Sweden

with Tony Sjölund from TGS Swedish member firm, Edlund & Partners

5. Maintaining ethical business practices in the face challenging business and economic environments

with Leah Namwabula from TGS member firm in Uganda, TGS Osillo

6. Developments regarding the Dutch dividend withholding tax exemption 

with Frans Heeren from one of the TGS member firms in the Netherlands, Vermetten.

7. The role of taxation in sustainability

with Andrew Menzies, VP of the TGS network


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