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TGS interns learn about international business…and Llamas.

Who am I?

My name is Marie Pellegrini, and I am studying a Higher National Diploma in office management to become a personal Assistant. I currently work in the human resources department of the Gendarmerie Nationale in Poitiers.

During my two years of formation, I had to do an internship in an international context for one month. I choose TGS Global for its dynamic and professional spirit. I worked as a communications intern with Andrew Menzies, the vice president of international development.


What did I do?

During my internship, I did many different things to help develop the communication of TGS Global on their website and social media: writing articles about new members and subjects related to the world of work, writing posts to promote TGS Global through the articles, doing some tutorials for the hub and videos for the articles, and assisting in web conferences.


What was it like working with TGS?

The TGS Global team is simply amazing! All the staff of the audit department welcomed me as if I were a full member of the team. Their advice and their experience helped me learn a lot about audit, international relationships, and communication. It was a really good opportunity to work with Andrew Menzies, who is an incredible manager very concerned by helping his young interns and teaching them all that he can.

The TGS Global team is simply amazing! All the staff welcomed me as if I were a full member of the team.

Marie Pellegrini

What did I learn working with TGS?

Thanks to the involvement of everyone, I improved my skills in English and also in digital communication: in particular how to write a good article and how to organize it to make it attractive. I discovered a new culture because of the origin of Andrew, who is Scottish. I also discovered new ways to work, for example, I did not know about agile methods and scrum management before working with TGS and I thought those were really great ways to work.


What am I going to do next?

Before my internship, I knew that I would like to work in human resources but now I think that it could be very interesting to work in an international company to continue developing my competences in English.

Thank you TGS Global for everything you taught me!

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