Managing Successful Change in International Accounting, Auditing, and Tax Advisory

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Expert Insights from Jason Langford-Brown in TGSU podcast. 

As international accountants, auditors, and tax advisors, staying ahead of the curve is crucial in today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape. In a recent conversation with Jason, several key topics were discussed, offering valuable insights for professionals in international accounting, auditing, and tax advisory. 

This article highlights the key takeaways from the conversation, providing guidance on managing successful change, boosting personal productivity, empowering teams, and efficient problem-solving.

Listen to the full conversation here

Managing Successful Change

The conversation began with an exploration of the challenges associated with change management. The experts acknowledged that many initiatives in businesses fail, with a staggering 70% failure rate reported consistently across research conducted by prestigious organizations like McKinsey and Harvard. However, they dispelled common myths that people are averse to change, emphasizing the importance of understanding the truth about changing people’s attitudes and fostering positivity. The session concluded with the introduction of a statistically proven change success model, which boasts an impressive 80% success rate when implemented effectively. Participants were encouraged to embrace this model and gain valuable insights to tackle change management challenges in their organizations.

Enhancing Personal Productivity

The discussion then shifted to the topic of personal productivity, a matter of interest to individuals at all levels. The experts shared their insights on the limitations of traditional time management approaches, highlighting the significance of energy management and its impact on personal productivity. They introduced a comprehensive framework that moves beyond conventional time management techniques, enabling individuals to become highly productive. By following this pragmatic framework, professionals can harness their energy and optimize their productivity, making the most of the limited hours available to them each week.

Empowering Teams for Success

Empowering teams emerged as a key theme during the conversation, with the experts emphasizing the importance of empowering individuals within organizations. While the concept of empowerment has gained popularity, they cautioned against a one-size-fits-all approach, as not everyone may be ready for empowerment. The session explored the meaning of empowerment, along with strategies for implementing it effectively. Participants were provided with insights on when and how to empower their teams and guidance on transitioning individuals who are not yet ready for empowerment. The experts stressed the positive impact of empowerment on motivation and job satisfaction, while highlighting the need for responsible and tailored implementation.

Efficient Problem-Solving

The final topic discussed was efficient problem-solving, a critical skill for effective leadership. The experts acknowledged that leaders are generally proficient problem solvers, but there is often room for improvement in terms of efficiency. They shared practical problem-solving tools and techniques that can enhance leaders’ effectiveness and efficiency. By adopting these tools, professionals can approach problem-solving in a structured and systematic manner, achieving more efficient outcomes. The session aimed to equip participants with the skills to tackle problems effectively and improve their overall problem-solving capabilities.

Jason provided invaluable insights into the challenges and strategies relevant to international accountants, auditors, and tax advisors. By embracing change, optimizing personal productivity, empowering teams, and honing problem-solving skills, professionals in this field can navigate the complexities of their roles and drive success in their organizations. 

Staying updated with the latest trends and adopting innovative approaches will be crucial for achieving sustainable growth in the global accounting, auditing, and tax advisory arena. Registering for all courses on TGS U can help you stay continually updated.

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