Leveraging Intangibles to Become Trusted Advisors

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Are you a commodity provider (price sensitive low margins) or trusted advisor (high margins)?

Globally-minded accounting, audit, advisory and tax firms will be interested in this TGS Talks podcast because it discusses how they can move from being seen as commodity providers offering audit and tax services to being valued advisors by helping their clients leverage their global intangible assets.

This could help your firm differentiate themselves, charge higher rates, and deepen your client relationships.

Listen to the TGS Talks podcast here:

Are your clients seeing you as a commodity provider, choosing the lowest bidder for audit and tax work?

At the Miami 2023 conference, business advisory consultant Michael Bredahl will share how CPA firms can transform themselves into valued advisors by helping clients leverage their global intangible assets.

Intangible assets like brands, patents, and trade secrets are often a company’s most valuable assets. However, many firms fail to maximize the value of these intangibles. Michael explained how CPA firms with deep client knowledge are uniquely positioned to provide advisory services in areas like transfer pricing, growth strategy, and strategic partnerships.

Rather than competing on price, firms can differentiate themselves by deepening client relationships and offering value-added services. During a presentation and workshop at the November 2023 TGS conference, Michael will be providing a simple framework to identify clients with multinational operations and intangible asset creation. Conference attendees will be encouraged to apply this to their own portfolios to spark new advisory conversations.

By helping clients unlock the value in their intangibles, CPA firms can strengthen bonds of trust, charge premium rates, and open new revenue streams beyond commoditized services.

I can’t believe members won’t want to know of a way to make more money! I’m looking forward to sharing my expertise in global intangibles. I’m an expert and our TGS members should be too.

Michael Bredahl, Managing Director - Valuation and Transfer Pricing Services, WTP Advisors

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