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“It’s not you, it’s me… (oh wait – it is you!)”

At a distance, the solution to successful recruitment and retention seems like an obvious equation:

  • Find out what the employee wants + Give them what they want = Good Retention.


However when factoring in the multiple social and economic circumstances that have arisen from the past two years, the commercial reality of the above is proving to be far more complicated.

Drawing from his experiences within the accountancy industry (and pulling from wider sectors), Dominique Bruno will be diving head-first through the complex web of factors that he feels are driving modern retention and recruitment issues.

Using examples and exercises, he will be looking to both provide some insights and challenge participants as to how we can reframe our view of the current staffing crisis that is affecting organisations worldwide.

Thus leading to an improved understanding of the problem – and thereby (hopefully) providing a firmer foundation on which practical solutions can be built for better recruitment and retention.


Who is Dominique Austin-Bruno?

Prior to becoming an Accountant, Dominique received an MSc. in Archaeology and had spent numerous years digging big holes with the University of Cambridge’s Commercial Field Unit.

It was through Archaeology that he became particularly fascinated with the mechanisms of cultural change, and how these can be applied to the current world on both micro and macro levels.

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