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TGS helps member firms develop their business by monitoring strategic goals in their annual quality review

70 worldwide audit, accounting, tax, legal and advisory service firms work as a TGS member firms to provide high-quality and cost-effective services for SME clients. TGS is a network not a loose alliance so each member firm undergoes a rigorous annual quality review.

The TGS annual quality review is a stepping stone for each firm to improve year on year. The quality review also acts as a guarantee of quality for any client who is looking to work with a member firm.  Member firms themselves can be sure that they are referring work to a quality assured partner anywhere in the world.

The TGS Annual Quality Review looks at the firm every angle and allows each member to benchmark their practice between each other and against industry standards.

The key benefits for a member firm from this yearly check up fall into seven categories: meaning, brand, network, business development, staff development, industry insight and quality assurance.



TGS Member Benefits

1. Meaning

TGS is more than a network and was created to stand out in the current international network market. Where many other international networks have a name which stems from the heritage of founding partners (who are exclusively men), TGS stands for Think Global Sustainability.

Sustainable business is the core of TGS. TGS member firms are accounting, audit, tax, legal and business advisory firms that aim to secure the sustainable growth of their clients both locally and internationally.

The TGS network is also an active participant of the United Nations Global Compact and completes an annual report on how our actions are impacting the Sustainable Development Goals.


2. Brand

TGS is a registered and protected international brand. Member firms who adopt the brand gain valuable global client recognition of quality TGS service and client experience.

TGS member firms can own part of the TGS  capital which makes the TGS members the owners of the TGS brand. The benefits of owning such valuable global intangible property are great and reflect positively in the eyes of local clients, international clients, banks and institutions.


3. Network

TGS members benefit from a network of more than 4500 qualified professionals all over the world.

There are many networking events in TGS. There is are annual regional conferences each May where members meet for 2 days in Asia, Europe and the Americas. There is an annual global conference each November where all members meet for 4 days to work together on developing their business.

TGS member firms also benefit from TGS U. TGS U is an online training platform and online networking event space. Members can access training and participate in various expert groups such as tax, legal, innovation & technology or audit committees; regional development groups; young leader groups; business development groups and marketing groups.


4. Business Development

TGS member firms benefit from international business referrals. Each member has access to an International Business Coordination Group and can participate in Global Service Line development groups t0 go beyond the simple sharing of best practice but to actually co-create new services.

Being part of a globally recognised network gives TGS member firms the opportunity to reach bigger clients. “Regional champions” such as energy companies or large international manufacturing groups will often be looking for the international capacity and quality assurance TGS member firms can offer.


5. Staff Development

TGS U offers many opportunities for staff development. Training that is expensive to create on an individual firm basis can often be very efficient and enriching to offer on an global, collective basis.

TGS U courses are split over three categories.

  • PCC. Professional Core Competencies trains staff in specific aspects of tax, legal, audit, accounting and IT issues.
  • BCC. Business, Collaboration and Communication courses train staff in business development, leadership, soft skills and marketing competencies.
  • CSR. You staff will benefit from the latest thinking on and involvement in corporate social responsibility and ESG thinking, regulations and opportunities.


View the 2023 TGS U training catalogue here.


6. Industry Insights

With more than 4500 regional experts in the audit, accounting, tax, legal and business advisory services, TGS members benefit from global knowledge.

If a client asks how long it takes to open a bank account in Kazakhstan or for the tax declaration requirements when opening a franchise across Serbia, Greece, Turkey and Romania –  you can know the answer within minutes.

TGS member firms know as much about their business environment as you do about yours. Many online ‘doing business in’ websites can be out of date. Your TGS colleagues are always up to date and you have direct access to them through the TGS Hub.


7. Quality Assurance

TGS is a Network, not an association which means each member firm undergoes a rigorous quality review both as they apply to enter the network and each year as part of their membership obligations.

Participation in the TGS Quality Program reinforces and increases brand value and boosts opportunities for the network to pool resources, cooperate more, and develop international business.

TGS is a long-term collaborative process that will help your firm increase quality, develop more business and generate a greater return on your investment in network membership.


Quality is a driver for TGS member success: Professional Core Competencies, Business Development Collaboration Communication, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

TGS is a dynamic global business network of independent firms specialising in the provision of accounting, audit, tax, business advisory and commercial legal services

TGS member firms offer cross-border services and sector expertise that is primarily designed to support Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises or organisations.

TGS member firms are all independently owned and share an entrepreneurial approach to businesses. TGS member firms have a shared commitment to the highest levels of technical expertise and professional standards.

TGS clients enjoy rapid access to quality assured in-country experts across the world, via a single point of contact.


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