Compta Capital Group


Compta Capital group, also known as CCG by its clients and partners, is an accountant Company Luxembourg-based. It was founded in 2018 thanks to the growing desire to bet on the Luxembourgish market of his founder and managing partner Mirko Cazzetta.

Compta Capital Group

2, rue des Gaulois L-1618 Luxembourg

At Compta Capital Group, the values underpinning the company are the GPS that guides them along the way to achieving their goals. Their core values are: quality, reliability, leadership, sharing and fair treatment for every customer regardless of size. One of the most important quotes that could sum up our main purpose is a quote from Hannibal: “Aut inveniam viam, aut faciam” (“Either find a way or make”).


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  • Accounting
    CCG offer specialised services that evolve at the pace of the market, of their customers. They guide the clients step by step in their evolutionary process by providing them with the services of a large company and accompanying them with a human-sized company.
  • Companies Establishment
    CCG guides you through the administrative steps involved in setting up your company under any name.
  • Corporate Finance
    CCG assists you in all procedures related to the sale or acquisition of a company or its shares.
  • Taxation
    CCG helps you to optimise your own revenues by preserving your assets and following your legal obligations
  • Human ressources and Payroll managing
    CCG supports you in the management of your human resources and social secretarial work: from recruitment to the drawing up of salary slips. Their experts in social law ensure that you comply with all your obligations in terms of managing your workforce
  • Statutory auditor
    CCG is responsible for the supervision of public limited companies and limited liability companies. The auditor is responsible for checking the relevance of the annual accounts and the various operations of the company. We ensure that you comply with all your legal obligations in terms of accounting and management.

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