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How has TGS Ecuador become visible on the web and in Ecuador?

We want to dedicate this article to the TGS Ecuador team for its involvement, its constancy and its enthusiasm.

TGS Ecuador has been part of our network for just seven months and has been stepping quickly and efficiently into social networks and different events on consulting and advisory networks in Ecuador.

Their marketing strategy includes TGS brochures and documents, visiting cards, notebooks and pens that improve the network visibility. The team has skillfully created and edited the content without resorting to external help.

Members of the TGS Ecuador team in the Professional Fair of Accounting and Auditing in Pichincha


An excellent example of perseverance and dedication that contributes to the development of our network, not only in Latin America but in the whole world.

We share with you some photos of the participation of TGS Ecuador in the 1st Professional Fair of Accounting and Auditing in Pichincha.

What’s next?

The purpose of the team is to expand its vision by being more present in its area of expertise in Ecuador and contribute helping other TGS members in the network.

TGS is a world of opportunities for those who love what they do.

Christian Núñez - Director Partner - TGS Ecuador

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